In eight days…

The July 2011 Philippine Nurse Licensure Exam (NLE) will take place in eight days! I will be one of the takers this July and I can guarantee you that stress is over the head already. With eight days only to prepare, everybody is all rattled by the thought, “Will I pass the board exam,” much less the mantra of review centers today, “to top the board exam!”

That is just so the drama! HAHA! But really, it is painstakingly agonizing to prepare for it, especially if it is one of the most awaited board exams of the country. (And with less probabilities of getting hired even if you get your goddamn license. Okay, in another post.) Anyhow, in public service to my co-nurses, here are the links where you could find your room assignment for the exam —

July 2011 Nurse – Complete (Manila Examinees only)
July 2011 Nurses – Removal (Manila Examinees only)
July 2011 Nurse (CDO Examinees only)
June 2011 Pharmacists
* From the PRC website
* A blogger decided to post it separately just so traffic can be reduced in either way.

I hope it helped. And I hope we all pass.


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