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Happy 150th, Gat Jose Rizal!

How did you love us?
Let me count the ways.

You have taught us to channel the strength
of our youth to stand and make a difference.

You have freed our minds,
with your pen as your weapon.

  You have inspired us with your life and your works;
your nationalism and your passion for this country.

May your legacy live forever,
Dr. Jose Protacio Mercado Rizal y Alonzo Realonda.


Visit the My Rizal 150 website and take part in the month-long celebration of the 150th birthday of our national hero.

Where was I?

Nanyang Milk Tea, Toast Box. Taken with BlackBerry Curve 8520

I apologize for the slow pace my blog has taken for quite a while. Maybe you’ve heard through Twitter, or personally from me, or have read it here in my blog, that I’ve been reviewing for the upcoming nursing board exams on July 2-3. And it is the reason why I’ve slowed down a bit (but, I think I made it well so far that I post at least once a week, squeezing in between reviews.) But worry not. Because when all of these are done, I’ll be back with more photos, more events, and a whole lot more. I really miss going to places and just shooting whatever I see, going to events, meeting people, and of course, blogging all about them. This is a phase that I think everyone has to go through. It will be rough in the coming last two weeks of tthe review, so I ask you to bear with me.

Practice test questionnaire. Taken with BlackBerry Curve 8520

I hope you keep the love, everyone of you! Thanks for dropping by, reading my posts, and leaving a comment every once in a while. While you’re at it, check out some of the posts I put up for some contests. Please do spend a couple of seconds to LIKE the posts. It is much appreciated, as always! I’ll be frank about it though. I really, as in really, want to win, not just the prizes, but the experience I can get from being a winner-featured blogger/photographer-intern at Juice.ph. Maybe this is the break I am wanting to get. And of course, all for this blog and you guys who support and read this blog. (Kinda cheesy, but it’s all true!)

Here it is:
Cafe Lidia – Marikina’s hidden gem
Rizal-era Merienda Cena

Thanks in advance! Always tune in for more!

P.S. What’s the connection of the picture above? Before I went home, I dropped by Toast Box to have tea and toast while I answer my practice questionnaires. I was in the middle of the long couch, and I have this thing for corners when I’m in a restaurant or cafe. When a bunch of adolescents were done, they moved the table which is supposedly in the corner. I have to arrange it back so I can settle in my corner. I moved the plates, and I missed to see a saucer and it fell on the floor and broke. I asked the waitress what can I do to compensate, but she just smiled at me. I guess she really didn’t know what to say, also. So instead, I just bought another tall glass of Nanyang milk tea and even left a note to give to their manager, saying if I can really do anything (because I am really embarrassed for breaking their China.) This post is to say how accommodating and really kind people in Toast Box are. Thanks and I’ll be dropping by more often!