I really planned on posting something today, but got a little tied up with revisions for some contributions to other entities. My Google Reader has also piled up and I couldn’t catch up with it already, so I tried to read some of them today. I didn’t come up with a blog post (but I should, I told myself I should.) However, I ended up inspired.

Photo by Ame Calix.

There are really bigger and better bloggers than I am. I can’t tell the world enough how I am grateful for every opportunity this blog has opened up for me. New doors. New lessons. New people. New experiences. New me. I’ve put up heart and passion into what I know I want to do, and not because I am good at it. I do this because I want this. Despite my other obligations (i.e. board exams, family matters) I always tell people and myself – if you really love something, you’ll do everything.

Photo by Antonio Carranza.

Here’s to everything for this blog. Thank you, reader. You too, as well, are an inspiration.

Photo by Karl Leuterio.



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  1. Thank you..really informative!!

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