Araw ng Kalayaan

It’s Independence Day, Pinoys, here and around the world!

Independence day may mean a lot of things. It may be what the heroes did for us. That they died for our independence. It may be the liberty from slavery. All these, but the rest relies on us, on those who lived after.

Freedom depends on whose vantage it is looked upon. I’ll ask you. Is this freedom? Or maybe drowning in freedom? What and where is freedom? Does this look like freedom? Or is freedom abused? Look at this. Do you like what you see?

There is more to the Philippines that meets the eye. We have great culture. We have abundant resources. Yet, we bask in poverty. People lack discipline. Government lack concern. Is this what freedom did to us?


These are some of the photos I took for an upcoming project for my high school alma mater. On the eve of Independence Day, my best friend Rafael, and I found ourselves in the midst of Fort Santiago, amazed at the stories that the wounded walls has to tell. And we looked outside, it’s another story.

Happy Independence Day, my dear Filipinos. Let us put our freedom to good use.  I dream to live to see the real freedom in the Philippines – freedom from poverty, corruption, and apathy.

Tara, sulong tayo,

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