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Listing ain’t finished with the last number – a nice thought to baffle about before I log out. WHICH BTW I LIKE THIS INFOGRAPHIC SO MUCH. This is why I specifically avoid logging in after 12mn. LOL! I really need to get some shut eye because I will really really run late for my review classes. NEED. TO. BE. SERIOUUUS.

Trying to sleep,

Rocking it at Moonleaf

Just back home! I had dinner with Jen at Toast Box (which really reminds me of my meals in Singapore, but they really have a serious issue with sesame oil in their Hainanese Chicken), had some small heart-to-heart and updating each other. Also we were in matching I♥SG shirts. We headed to Moonleaf where my friends, Fashion Field Trip people are hanging out! Jen just loved the Beckies and it was all good vibes in that place! Watch Thysz, Mark, Eldzs, Fold and another guy who I can’t remember the name (sarreh!) Ziggy dance here. It’s just a fun place to be at and meet these cool people!

Moonleaf Tea Shop
Maginhawa st., UP Village, Quezon City
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