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Remember BOUNCE?

Bounce used to be the only magazine I bought back in my Sophie years. I love it because a lot of college students were contributing and that they didn’t condone cheesy girly covers (totally nothing against, but not my style neither.) I love it because it did rock and it is where my first published work can be found.


Whatever happened to October Eighty Publication? They were great.

森 ボーイ (Mori Boy) by FFT


mori-boy_final_jpegs16MORI BOY (Forest Boy)
Edrick Bruel / photography + art direction
Mike Magallanes / styling
Eugene Sugian / stylist’s assistant
Maverick Lacson / model
Thysz Estrada / set director
Special Thanks / Don Protasio, Paradigm Shift, Mike Lavarez


Look at what my friends have been up to while I was away! Talented Mr. Edrick Bruel took all shots, while Thysz headed art direction and Mike and Eugene styled model Maverick Lacson. Et voila – Mori Boy! Very brilliant, you guys!

Writer’s Block Philippines presents: Feature Writing 101

If you’ve always wanted to be published in a magazine or a newspaper, you’ll realize that it often takes more than good ideas or the passion for writing to get yourself out there and earn a byline. You’ll need the combination of impeccable grammar, unique experiences, penetrating insight, and, of course, a good network of sources who will give weight to your story and editors who will give you the space to be read.

Writer’s Block Philippines brings together the experiences and expert knowledge of its three editor-founders to bring you closer to that dream of seeing your name in print. Whether you are writing for a company publication or your favorite magazine, you’ll need the same skills that we will teach you in THIS class:

Only 30 slots are available for this class, so RESERVE NOW by emailing writersblock.ph@gmail.comor calling/texting (0927) 850 8280 with your name, email address, and mobile number.A five percent (5%) early bird discount awaits those who pay on or before June 15, 2010. And, as always, bona fide members of Writer’s Block Philippines get a permanent 10% discount on our workshops. To learn more about our membership offer, READ THIS.

To learn more about Writer’s Block Philippines, VISIT THEIR WEBSITE.


Would love to be a part of, but apparently it’s my board exam date. I urge you though to participate, they have great teachers for you and I am sure everyone needs to get updated! Come one, come all!

Pinay Blogger and Friend held at Immigration, suspected drug mules by Indonesians

Click photo (or here) to redirect to article by Chyng Reyes.

Please watch: http://www.gmanews.tv/evideo/81125/24oras-2-pinay-inakalang-drug-mules-sa-indonesia-airport


specifically didn’t watch this before my SG trip because I think it’ll disturb me, even if it is not in Singapore. Nonetheless, this should not pass without justice. I suggest you read the whole post by clicking source.

I bid all nations to respect all races, nationalities, and gender – whether they have brothers and sisters who made mistakes. Stereotyping is very medieval and ancient, don’t you think? Time to grow up, Indonesia.

I pray for peace of mind for this blogger and his friend and equality for the world.

P.S. I have to thank Singaporeans for being nice and accommodating. ESPECIALLY cab drivers who knows their way, have spare change, and does not go around circles just to raise the bill.

I ❤ SG,