Daily Archives: June 2, 2011

Stop Motion!

Goodbye My Shadow by Barbie Almalbis (via Raleene)

I will always love stop motion films (in this case, a music video.) I think they are so tedious to do so I salute the patience of those filmmakers who make it. Such work of love deserves accolades!

Anyway, that is very beside the point. Though I love the video by Ms. Barbie Almalbis, really I do. My point, however, is it’s already half of the year and it’s worth stopping for a while for a thought.

Funny how fast it gets when you are really enjoying every bit and how it was so slow when I was dragging myself to graduate last April. The song was timely when I watched it from Ral’s blog. Goodbye My Shadow. Time to let go of what already had happened. Whether it be good or bad, it will all be memories and it shouldn’t keep us from moving on from our lives, but it rather serve as pavements for a better us. Dwell not on past laurels, and keep moving forward (Meet the Robinsons, anyone?) Success is a matter of continuous progress, and not on just staying where you are now. How can we move forward, if we don’t move on? Thank God for all the good things and opportunities that had come for the past six months.

So far, 2011 has been good, and it’s getting better and better!