Bloggers United

I know, most of you who will be reading this post knew (and even possibly went) of this event where top fashion bloggers in the country held a bazaar and their stuff in really REALLY cheap prices. ‘Cause y’know, they’re famous like that! LOL! Anyway, I am actually frustrated since I didn’t make it in time since I came from a meeting and the rain was really hard. When my friend Ame and I arrived, most were packing up. But there were stores which are still open. So here’s pretty much a photo dump of what we only caught up with:

FANBOYNG OVER RALEENE CABRERA!!!! Okay, Ral, if you read this, don’t feel so awkward when we see each other again. I just think you’re really pretty!

Patricia Prieto and Laureen Uy

Pack up na :(

Having fun while watching them pack up…

Say hi to Ame

and moi! :P

Unisex Accessories by JP Singson

Eat yer brains out!

I’d really love to have Unisex in my wardrobe one day! *werqwerqwerq*

Rings! ZOMG! If I’d have all the money in the world! Again, *werqwerqwerq* LOL!

Inkarlcerating‘s a lil’ fuzzy already. Isang magiting na nurse kasi! Peace!

Paul Jatayna and El Bosquejo

This got Ame hysterical! KAWAIIIIIII!

Kookie Buhain

Inkarlcerating boots. Lalalalalalove it Karl!

Happy Maghag!

Curves Lopez and AJ Omandac

Wish there would be another one! I have read many blogs that say it was really a successful event! AND MANY GREAT FINDS IN AFFORDABLE PRICES! I was actually hoping I could get David Guison‘s famous letterman jacket (since his first name is my last name, LOL!) Well, anyway, all I can hope for is a repeat of this wonderful event! Kudos to all the fashion bloggers in the country especially to the organizers who brought us Bloggers UnitedMelai Entuna, Aisa Ipac, and Ana Gonzales.

As my friend from Photobloggers Philippines, Mel Lavadia asked, “Pwede ba magpa-makeover sa fashion blogger?” Yeah, maybe that would be a great event, too! Teehee! :P

Photos by Jonver David and Ame Calix

3 responses to “Bloggers United

  1. Thank you so much for being there! :) We will try to have BU on a weekend next time! Glad you still saw some of the bloggers! :)

    Till next!!

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