Daily Archives: May 30, 2011

FaDAL Fashion Week After Party

Last week, FaDAL Manila hosted an after party for the success of its members who participated in the latest Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 last May 8-15. It was yet another awesome party complete with models who wore the designers’ masterpieces. Also, designer cocktails were served (my favorite was Blush) which each of the FaDAL designers custom-made. It was my first time at Seventh High club, been out of the clubbing scene for quite some time. Check these out though:

Stylist Ryuji Shiomitsu.

FaDAL President Jaz Cerezo

Forever 21’s Louie Jay Moises

FaDAL Founder Levenson Rodriguez and VersaVise’s Matthew Valeriano. Matthew made the stop motion movie 15-DPS that was shown that night! Pretty cool!

Faces of the night.

I really love how this lady’s get up – fierce and sweet at the same time. Girl crush!

FaDAL Designer Lizanne Cua

FaDAL Designer Cherry Veric

VersaVise Productions’ Bjorn Bedayo, Matthew Valeriano, and another guy (sorry didn’t quite get the name.)

Fashion bloggers Ron and Glenn.

Thanks to Levenson Rodriguez for inviting me and to all the designers that I met! I’m so honored to be among such talented people. ‘Til next time!