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Jonver goes SG for MTV Asia!

One stressful day, this came in my e-mail:

STOOOOOOKED! Nevermind going to Singapore, but the fact that MTV Asia invited me there is enough! I am really grateful for all the opportunities this blog is opening for me! Thank you, thank you MTV Asia!

However, I had a little bit of a problem because my passport is a year and a couple of months expired already. I had to have it extended. Good thing, DFA has this public memo about extension. AND YES, even if you’re a year and a couple of months late from renewing your passport. Yay for DFA’s impeccable service. So people, renew your passports ahead of time!

Special mention to Hanna, Glenn, and Kass for helping me out for my passport dilemma. Also, I read a helpful post from the OAP maven, Mr. Anton Diaz.

P.S. You may have remembered Saab Magalona being invited to EMA’s Live Screening by MTV Asia, also in Singapore. Wala laaaaaaang… You know me naman when it comes to Saab, teehee! I’m so freaking excited!

P.S.S. I won’t even deny. This will be the first time I’ll be out of the country.

Can’t. Hide. EXCITEMENT,

It’s Back to School! (Well, for most of you)

The Darker Side of Black: Manels Rocks to School

It is again that time of year when we start parting with the bright shades of summer and reach for the classic subtleties of black. Yes, it’s that time again when we start shopping for the Back-to-School season! So the hunt begins for the perfect pair of black shoes. While this may be one of your less exciting shopping expeditions, Manels puts together a collection that spices things up and explores the darker side of black.

Manels Leathergoods, the country’s pioneer brand in leather, heads into the Back-to-School season with its campaign entitled “Black Rockin’ School”. “We want to bring the sexy back into black” says Mark Siggaoat, VP for Operations of Manels. The Manels “Black Rockin’ School” collection highlights mid-cut leather boots, rubber-soled oxfords with a sneaker-type finish, and casual loafers for the men. For the ladies, modern mary janes and patent leather finish highlights the collection. “The Black Rockin’ School collection has a little bit of something for the rebel in each of us” says Siggaoat. While the brand continues to carry its comfort staples and classic school shoes, the campaign takes a fresh angle into the Back-to-School season by giving style-conscious students a chance to “strut their styles” into the hallways this season.

Leather remains at the core of the brand’s collection and campaign. Visibly, the store’s look for the season takes its cue from vintage 70’s punk rock. “We were inspired by that rugged black leather jacket look from the 70’s popularized by The Ramones” says Siggaoat. Manels continues to reinvent itself in staying at the forefront of leather footwear since its inception in 1964.

Checkout Manels at all major Metro Manila malls. Checkout their Facebook page or through Twitter via @marksig_manels.


I miss school :|

PFW Style Diaries: Penshoppe


I wish Penshoppe invited only so many, if you know what I mean. The fashion show looked very mainstream, but nonetheless, the pieces shown were good. You could fill your closet with Penshoppe and look like you’ve bought Topman or Zara, without them knowing. It’s true! LOL, exaggerating, of course.

BUT REALLY. It’s the only show from the Philippine Fashion Week that required me to stand like I’m in a rock concert. /sigh

Angela and Paola.

Ms. Tessa Prieto – Valdez.

Angela and Trixie.

And that ends my PFW Style Diaries. Hope I served you well, guys. LOL! Til the next fashion week, people! Support Philippine Fashion Design!