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PFW Style Diaries: Rusty Lopez

My favorite show from the entire Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 Collection. It’s relaxed, chill vibe and mix of carefree, fancy, all at the same time dapper made me rethink my first impression of Rusty Lopez as a shoe brand. I like how they came up with the sofa set, kinda homey feeling, and the role-playing part by the models. Including kids in the runway are also a cute addition to what is already an awesome idea!

Plus, it’s the show I’m nearest to the runway, teehee!

PFW Style Diaries: Premiere B & C

Premiere B:
Alodia Cecilia | Anthony Ramirez | John Paras | Lizanne Cua | Mitz Quilendrino – Bustos

Fashion power couple: Jujiin Samonte x Paolo Castro

Premiere C:
Derick Haliber | Jeffrey Rogador | Kermit Tesoro | Raoul Ramirez | Yako Reyes

Lookbook superstar and zeh Avant-Gardien: Andre Chang

Upcoming photographer (and my former classmate): Sven Barretto

Photos taken from the fourth row perspective.

Kudos to Philippine Fashion Designers!

“Life is a Party,” Heima…

After a short stay at SMX for Regatta in Philippine Fashion Week, I went (even alone, haha!) to Heima at the LRI Design Plaza in Makati, to see their latest collection and the launch of their new stationery line Paper Club (which pretty much reminds me of Papemelroti.) Heima is one of those design teams that I look very closely. I really like how I step in the store and feel at home. Yes, it is girly, but I can say that it also appeals to gentlemen. Who does not love, or can resist for that matter, those cute but no nonsense interiors. And I bet you just can’t miss that signature Heima olive room scent. Check these out:

Team Heima!

Yay, confetti for a successful event!

Ms. Kate Torralba

Garovs x Ryan. Paparazzi mode lang, hehe.

Some of zeh crowd.

Heima is also available in Cubao X in Quezon City.