Law of Reaction

For every action, there is always an equal and opposite reaction. Sir Isaac Newton established that well in Physics. I always knew it is very applicable in life. We get when we lose. Likewise, we lose when we get.

Shit happens to everyone. I just thought that shit happens a lot more for my case though I always put blame on my irresponsible actions (especially when I am extremely happy) why I always fall into dilemmas, grave circumstances, and the worst – losses. I hate the fact that I really need to “pay” for good things happening in my life. It is as if I don’t deserve it and I always have to shed something in my part. Philosophically, it’s just the world doing reciprocation. For me, it’s called a hot streak.

Well, I guess you are really dumbfounded on this post, and you would rather hit the X on that upper right side of your screen. I thought a thousand times if I would really open my real predicament here and I’ve decided not to. I just need to vent out some thoughts and feelings, and I feel a little better now.

P.S. It’s judgment day today, well, according to some people. I honestly don’t know about them, but I do know, only God knows.



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