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PFW Style Diaries: Regatta

Was a bit hazy of a day – rushing for PRC case forms, application for the board exam, board review; and going to the Regatta Philippine Fashion Week show is just as refreshing as going to the pier and inhaling the freshness that is the sea. This season, Regatta shows us Seaside Runway – walking in the bay area, feeling just so carefree and light. They also shown some scholarly look – GEEK CHIC IS SO IN! Love the collegiate collection – made me remember how excited I am to enter college when I was in High School (and how some of my college experience is ruined by… let’s not rant here, shall we? Teehee!)

I just love how this is beautifully shot – accidentally.

Paola and I arrived a little bit early.

Paola and Angela

Really looks young and fresh.

Love the geek that is you!

Some friends who I saw – Karl Leuterio in his nine-inch Brian Evalle Heel-less and Miguel Paolo Celestial of Bosquejo Accessories (which are used in the entire PFW. Cool isn’t he?)

Spanking fierce Ninja – Thysz Estrada

Revving the leather engines up! Say hi to Curves Lopez!

Status Magazine people – Editorial Assistant Viva Gonzales, EIC Rosario Herrera, and Stylist JP Singson.

One of my favorite shows! And hey, I hope they still release Nat Geo shirts! For more geek chic!

Law of Reaction

For every action, there is always an equal and opposite reaction. Sir Isaac Newton established that well in Physics. I always knew it is very applicable in life. We get when we lose. Likewise, we lose when we get.

Shit happens to everyone. I just thought that shit happens a lot more for my case though I always put blame on my irresponsible actions (especially when I am extremely happy) why I always fall into dilemmas, grave circumstances, and the worst – losses. I hate the fact that I really need to “pay” for good things happening in my life. It is as if I don’t deserve it and I always have to shed something in my part. Philosophically, it’s just the world doing reciprocation. For me, it’s called a hot streak.

Well, I guess you are really dumbfounded on this post, and you would rather hit the X on that upper right side of your screen. I thought a thousand times if I would really open my real predicament here and I’ve decided not to. I just need to vent out some thoughts and feelings, and I feel a little better now.

P.S. It’s judgment day today, well, according to some people. I honestly don’t know about them, but I do know, only God knows.