Loop Creative Dining at the FEU Makati

Last May 13, Loop Creative Dining, a growing sustainable kitchen at the heart of the Makati CBD, launched their new sumptuous offerings. I was there with some friends to try out the latest menu. The experience was simply gastronomically delightful. Check these out:

“It’s all about coming up with the best ways of using humble ingredients. As the restaurant’s infinity logo signifies, the possibilities are endless,” shares Executive Chef Joey Herrera. “Loop also means going back to your roots and focusing on ingredients but giving it a modern presentation. While there are some ingredients that we still have to import such as truffles and Prime Beef, we give priority to local ingredients. We give opportunity to the small farmers and artisans as much we can, as our own little way of helping the economy too.” he continues.

Whole Fried Tilapia in Tamarind Sauce, Lime – PhP 392

Gazpacho, Grilled Watermelon – PhP 158 (in a soup bowl)

Grilled Adobo Blood Sausage – PhP 248

Vegetable Tian, Couscous – PhP 187

Tuna Steak in Miso-Dashi Emulsion, Rice, Tempura, Vegetables – PhP 429

Loop Thinizza – From PhP 304 – PhP 642 (in eight variations)

Salmon in Laksa Nage, Soba Noodles, Bok Choy – PhP 453

Foie Gras Creme Brulee – PhP338 (in a bigger serving)

Salmon Burger – PhP 266

Sinigang Wings – PhP 194

Kids’ Flowerpot – Ph 107

Banana Pave, Green Tea Ice Cream, and Fruit Spheres – PhP 286

My plate :P

My personal favorites are: Carabao Cheese Triangles (old menu) which is rightly fried and has just the right amount of melt-in-your-mouth sweetness and tang, with the tomato sauce complementing the taste. Grilled Adobo Blood Sausage is succulent and has a chewy texture. I love that it tastes like organ meat. Salmon Burger Canapes, I practically nibbled on them while chugging down Blue Kamikazes. And the Fois Gras Creme Brulee is just witty – who knew that the luxurious fattened duck liver could be dessert?

Loop also gives you the atmosphere that’ll keep you staying and coming back. You’ll never go wrong with the urban cool, only so ambient for the urban eater –

I always love the open kitchen! It gives me a hint of confidence because I see how my food is done. The open kitchen allows the guests a view of all food preparation. While culinary students from sister company the Institute for Culinary Arts and Food Service (ICF @ FEU) hone their skills at Loop, the restaurant is not entirely student-operated.

A full team of professional chefs run the show.  Working with chef Joey are Chef de Cuisine Carla Aragon and Sous Chef Francis “Bitoy” Tarin. Each one enforces strict rules to ensure that every plate that leaves the kitchen is exactly how it’s supposed to be.

Blue Kamikaze, Strawberry Surprise, and Screwdriver. I’d prefer a long shot of Cuervo Gold Tequila though :P

These food portraits are just so good to look at, I can’t resist taking a picture.

Everything in Loop seems so chic and fresh. Add to that, that Loop’s launch was graced by media, friends, and of course, none other than Manila’s top tweet-ers! Welcome zeh tweeps!

@tonyocruz , @Jonver_David @runaholickassy and sorry-I’m-not-good-with-names-:(

@tiffyabiera, ros’-boyfriend-I-forgot-name-again, and @juanxi

Loop Creative Dining
FEU-Makati Building (corners Gil Puyat Avenue and Malugay Streets, Bgy. Bel-Air, Makati) Open from 10am to 10pm, Monday to Saturday.
Call 8927970 or email loopcreativedining@yahoo.com for inquiries and reservations


Disclosure: all meals we had that night were free.

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  1. booo… i still want that kiddie thing! :P thanks for these photos, dear! Now, I get to blog na. Hahah!

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