Luneta Tour

While other countries have invested so much in national parks and wonders, it is but disappointing that the Philippines hasn’t given much attention to our historic parks. To us Filipinos (not exempting myself) parks like the Rizal Park, or more street-smartly known as Luneta is sometimes nothing but a place you pass by to get to Roxas Blvd., the place Dr. Jose Rizal was shot, a venue for religious and patriotic demonstrations, and a cheesy (and cheap) way to spend a date among other reasons why you know this place. Not until now, I guess, that the government has expressed interest in this park, thanks to the National Parks Development Committee (NPDC) for giving Luneta a much-needed facelift.

Last May 7, NPDC invited local bloggers over the biggest urban park in Asia, Rizal Park, presenting the latest improvements and upcoming projects in the area.

Children’s Playground – one of the latest improvements in the area.

The Relief Map of the Philippines or what would be known to be the Boardwalk. They said that it is an accurate representation of the Philippines – from the height of the mountains to the placement of the faults. COOLIO! They will relaunch the Boardwalk on May 20 complete with LED screens all over and a cafe on the side. I honestly can’t wait for this!

The Rizal Monument. Probably the only thing one could know about this 54-hectare park. Glad to know this park is leveling up! Rizal wouldn’t mind some competition, yes?

I’ve heard many creepy stories about the renovation of one of the well-known hotels in the Philippines – Luneta Hotel.

Would you believe these folks are paid for marketing?! What’s your say about this?

Manila Floating Restaurant.

Manila Hotel.

H2O Hotel.

Vin Restaurant.

Mrs. Juliet “Jet” Villegas presented the recent and ongoing developments in Luneta Park. She told us that her nickname is Jet and she lives by it – she gets the work done ahead of time. This project was handed over to her September, and so many developments have already taken place!

Some of the bloggers present in the tour –

Plenty of thanks to the National Parks Development Committee for accommodating us! It is amazing that the committee have acknowledged the power of blogging in marketing the new Rizal Park and getting these information, not only across a lot of Filipinos, but across the whole world.

Tune in to this blog for latest news about Luneta! Coming up right next!


4 responses to “Luneta Tour

  1. It is nice to hear that Luneta is being renovated. I spent many hours of my childhood years in that park, as my father worked for NPDC, whose office is in that area. I would love revisit it someday.

  2. go luneta! :) let’s celebrate rizal@150, let’s revisit it once everything is set already :)

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