PFW Style Diaries: Menswear Collection

Anthony Nocom | Bang Pineda | Dodgie Batu | Drei Soriano | Frederick Policarpio | Jesson Capuchino | Jinggo Inoncillo | Melchor Guinto | Nico Agustin | Odelon Simpao | Ulysses King | Zxander Tan

Mike Magallanes a.k.a. @toxicdiscoboy’s rubber heels!

Eunice was one of the official photographers/bloggers for the event! You go girl!

Monday Magazine’s Curves Lopez @leatherengines and Bonnapart Galeng @indiebon.

Tawa ng wagas! Say hi to Karl Leuterio @inkarlcerating

FaDAL Manila’s Levenson Rodriguez. Looking sooooo fab!

Mi favorito! DREI SORIANO. Grungy Punk Rock = Biker jackets x leather pants x  boots!


Top fashion blogger Laureen Uy.

Say hi to the ever-diligent blogger Miguel Paolo Celestial!

Status Magazine’s Nante Santamaria.

Sarah Meier-Albano! Immaculately beautiful! I really think she looks like Katy Perry in some angles :)

My company for the night – Paola Tocante.

Designer Bang Pineda. Another favorite!

What I am craving for as of the moment — Baked Potatoes with Chili con Carne! Yummeh!

Went to the Menswear collection of this year’s Philippine Fashion Week courtesy of JP Singson! It was a hectic day at the review center and PRC, but nevertheless it was well worth it running around the metro and rushing for the tickets. I really like coats, suits, leather jackets, biker jackets, and most especially combat boots paired with a very nice suit! I wish I have all the money to splurge in these very chica suits!


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