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PFW Style Diaries: Menswear Collection

Anthony Nocom | Bang Pineda | Dodgie Batu | Drei Soriano | Frederick Policarpio | Jesson Capuchino | Jinggo Inoncillo | Melchor Guinto | Nico Agustin | Odelon Simpao | Ulysses King | Zxander Tan

Mike Magallanes a.k.a. @toxicdiscoboy’s rubber heels!

Eunice was one of the official photographers/bloggers for the event! You go girl!

Monday Magazine’s Curves Lopez @leatherengines and Bonnapart Galeng @indiebon.

Tawa ng wagas! Say hi to Karl Leuterio @inkarlcerating

FaDAL Manila’s Levenson Rodriguez. Looking sooooo fab!

Mi favorito! DREI SORIANO. Grungy Punk Rock = Biker jackets x leather pants x  boots!


Top fashion blogger Laureen Uy.

Say hi to the ever-diligent blogger Miguel Paolo Celestial!

Status Magazine’s Nante Santamaria.

Sarah Meier-Albano! Immaculately beautiful! I really think she looks like Katy Perry in some angles :)

My company for the night – Paola Tocante.

Designer Bang Pineda. Another favorite!

What I am craving for as of the moment — Baked Potatoes with Chili con Carne! Yummeh!

Went to the Menswear collection of this year’s Philippine Fashion Week courtesy of JP Singson! It was a hectic day at the review center and PRC, but nevertheless it was well worth it running around the metro and rushing for the tickets. I really like coats, suits, leather jackets, biker jackets, and most especially combat boots paired with a very nice suit! I wish I have all the money to splurge in these very chica suits!

#PFW Style Diaries…

Philippine Fashion Week has officially ended yesternight, and yet another week full of fashion, glam, innovation, of both classic and revolutionary acts in design has taken place. Holiday Collection, our own version of Autumn-Winter in countries with four seasons, is indeed my favorite! Covetous mode over all the coats and boots! I can’t wait to share them all to you! *And yes them all sizzling models included! Teehee!*

Kudos to all organizers for a very well-executed event! Looking forward to October’s Summer-Spring Collection!


Premiere B & C
Rusty Lopez

Stay tuned for more…