Status x Fiamma

Status Magazine celebrated latest ish aptly dubbed Music issue which was, by the way, graced by international music royalty Yoko Ono. Got to meet a lot of awesome people, and of course, meeting for the first time, some of the Status crew. It was fun, it was wild, and it was Fresh Fiamma Fridays! You know that there ain’t a party like a Filipino party, right?! Check out these –

Status EIC Rosario Herrera

Viva Gonzales editorial assistant for Status Magazine.

This bunch of Filipina expats are so coolio! They even brought their cousins who just made takas from home. HAHA!

Status crew! Vern, Tin, and Kevin.

Cute bartender. YES, he is one of the bartenders.

Alex Crisano DJ’d for the event, and he still got the hots for the chicks!

Jessie Roasa, also a photographer for the night, with…

DJ Fabian.

Guy with glasses – Y YOU SO CUTE?! LOL!

Heya beautiful!

Some of my photos made it in the Status Magazine Blog! Check it out here.

Thank you Status! ‘Til next time!


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