Banchetto Night

Banchetto (n.) banquet, feast.

I remember my childhood merienda fare with OKOY.

Blueberry Cheesecake.

PA-TA-TAS. Twisted potato chips.


I forgot what this is, but all I know is that it’s full of chili! Teehee!

Lotsa people frequenting the Banchetto!

More cakes…

Brazo de Mercedes!

Pish vi wit yu!

It melted in our paper bag :|

LUCBAN LONGGANISA. Surprisingly, my favorite photo of the night.

Baked Mussels with cheese.

BALOOOOOOOWT! Unshelled Balot (unhatched chick)

Third favorite photo. Oh I love shots of cakes with dramatic lighting and bokeh :P

My second favorite shot of the night. Can you spot different facial expressions of the people?

Kawaii! Rice cakes.

Our only respite after all these – Coke!

Catch Banchetto in all these locations –

Street night food markets are the trends in food businesses now and what more to lavish after a whole day’s hustle but a little (actually large) slice of the good life. Truly, eating is never the same with them!

I have also been told that there is another night market starting earlier than Banchetto (which starts around 11pm.) It is in front of the PSE building in Ortigas Center.

Bon apetit! Hoped that I whet your appetite with all the gastronomic delights in my blog!


3 responses to “Banchetto Night

  1. Kristin Brænne

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  3. i miss bancheto so much nice photos great shots

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