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Status x Fiamma

Status Magazine celebrated latest ish aptly dubbed Music issue which was, by the way, graced by international music royalty Yoko Ono. Got to meet a lot of awesome people, and of course, meeting for the first time, some of the Status crew. It was fun, it was wild, and it was Fresh Fiamma Fridays! You know that there ain’t a party like a Filipino party, right?! Check out these –

Status EIC Rosario Herrera

Viva Gonzales editorial assistant for Status Magazine.

This bunch of Filipina expats are so coolio! They even brought their cousins who just made takas from home. HAHA!

Status crew! Vern, Tin, and Kevin.

Cute bartender. YES, he is one of the bartenders.

Alex Crisano DJ’d for the event, and he still got the hots for the chicks!

Jessie Roasa, also a photographer for the night, with…

DJ Fabian.

Guy with glasses – Y YOU SO CUTE?! LOL!

Heya beautiful!

Some of my photos made it in the Status Magazine Blog! Check it out here.

Thank you Status! ‘Til next time!

Heima Collection 3.0

Heima, the design team famed for their pretty and sweet yet functional no-nonsense interiors, are releasing their third collection. Heima Collection 3.0  launches this Saturday, May 14 at the Heima LRI Plaza in Makati! “This event is gonna be a celebration! Life Is A Party! will showcase our new collection and it will also be a gathering of designers and design lovers. It won’t be complete without music, live music from our favorite musicians”, Heima said in their latest email blast.

Also they will be launching Paper Club

Introducing a whole new line of paper products, which I am so excited, being a notebook fan myself!

Catch Heima, and their army of cutesy stuff, and let’s celebrate over chill music all the feel-good weekend vibes, on Saturday! How to get there? Here’s how –

(Now even the map is so kawaii!)

Of course, you know me, I’ll be shooting around the area – so I hope to see you in your chic street style out there! See you all!


Some Heima links:
Official Website (to be launched on Saturday)

Business Saturday!

Review classes were suspended last April 30, so I had a chance to attend Blog and Soul‘s talk on earning thru blogging (organized by Winston Almendras and Nina Fuentes, hosted by Mr. Juned Sonido.) Speakers earnestly answered questions and addressed issues on the business of blogging. Fitz Villafuerte of Ready to Get Rich, Trixie Esguerra of Nuffnang, and Joy Reynaldo of Bo’s Coffee shared their experiences on digital marketing.

Watch here.




Photo by Anton of PusangKalye.net

I was having difficulty taking pictures of the event per se because I was in depth with taking notes. Topics revolved around responsible blogging, dealing with co-bloggers, how to start blogging, tricks and nooks and cranny of pro-blogging, dealing with irate and erring bloggers, contests and the issues that comes along with it, and so much more. I really learned a lot, and am starting to apply some of the stuff that I learned from them!


Bazaars are the modern day mall! If night food markets are taking a toll on the metro’s hottest, check out local independent brands that make up the Chica Divisoria. Check out Big Bang Bazaar:

Batirol (?)

Our daily milk tea when I was in college! Learned that the franchise in front of our school wasn’t theirs already but kept on using their brand. FOUL.

Storage Solutions. By far my favorite stall of all!

Three bags for P400? Who wouldn’t buy?

I actually bought this one. I’m tired of all the cords looking like eels out of sea.

Sumo Toys.

Bllr Mvmnt.

Now my everyday scent – Metal. White fragrances are also customizing scents! Never heard of that before, so I was instantly – wooooah!

Jacinto and Lirio are bags made out of water hyacinths and lilies “leather” Think environmental, community-inspired, and chica! Sarah Meier-Albano was so chica when she carried one!

Some of the brands that I saw was also on the Coachella Bazaar (like Tomoe and My Favorite Shop) held earlier this May. Of course, for me, there are brands that stand out in these kind of bazaars and let me share them with you: Storage Solutions, Ms. Bee Honey Cold Wax, Souq International, Sheena Loves Sunsets Creatives (I’m actually considering them to make my biz card, teehee), Sumo ToysJacinto and Lirio, White Fragrances (Contact: 09063015402/ 09335686195) and Bllr Mvmnt. With foodstuff, I forgot the brand that sells that Mozzarella spread with Moringa (a.k.a. Malunggay.) If any of you knows that brand, please do inform me.

It’s fun going to bazaars but I really think they have to find a way to involve more menswear and other stuff (again, for men.) I find it difficult to find stuff that I really like. But all in all, bazaars are good to cultivate local businesses. Like blogging, which is commonly intertwined with, bazaars are slowly establishing a niche in the society.

Banchetto Night

Banchetto (n.) banquet, feast.

I remember my childhood merienda fare with OKOY.

Blueberry Cheesecake.

PA-TA-TAS. Twisted potato chips.


I forgot what this is, but all I know is that it’s full of chili! Teehee!

Lotsa people frequenting the Banchetto!

More cakes…

Brazo de Mercedes!

Pish vi wit yu!

It melted in our paper bag :|

LUCBAN LONGGANISA. Surprisingly, my favorite photo of the night.

Baked Mussels with cheese.

BALOOOOOOOWT! Unshelled Balot (unhatched chick)

Third favorite photo. Oh I love shots of cakes with dramatic lighting and bokeh :P

My second favorite shot of the night. Can you spot different facial expressions of the people?

Kawaii! Rice cakes.

Our only respite after all these – Coke!

Catch Banchetto in all these locations –

Street night food markets are the trends in food businesses now and what more to lavish after a whole day’s hustle but a little (actually large) slice of the good life. Truly, eating is never the same with them!

I have also been told that there is another night market starting earlier than Banchetto (which starts around 11pm.) It is in front of the PSE building in Ortigas Center.

Bon apetit! Hoped that I whet your appetite with all the gastronomic delights in my blog!