Brigada Eskwela 2011

They say environment plays a big part in learning. And so, if our classrooms are not conducive for learning, education is hindered. Not to mention, that there are a lack of books, lack of rooms, and lack of facilities to improve the learning of our children in our public schools. That’s where we enter. As responsible citizens of the country, I believe that we must seek to at least effect change in our littlest effort.

I did volunteer for Ateneo Center for Educational Development in their pilot testing for their one year feeding program (which later on, with the same program, I volunteered for RockEd Philippines.)

I saw the dedication of the group in addressing issues in education that are often missed by many authorities responsible for it. I am personally encouraging everyone to join this program (Brigada Eskwela 2011) and help them achieve, little by little, the change that they want to impart on our society. I believe that they should be imitated by many organizations seeking to achieve the same goal. Kudos ACED! I would want to go but I have review classes so this would be the least that I can do.

Please help the children of our country,


2 responses to “Brigada Eskwela 2011

  1. This is indeed a positive step to save on millions in taking care of the schools. Definitely, more volunteers are needed to join the cause. Brigada Eskwela is more like Bayanihan.

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