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Bloggers United

I know, most of you who will be reading this post knew (and even possibly went) of this event where top fashion bloggers in the country held a bazaar and their stuff in really REALLY cheap prices. ‘Cause y’know, they’re famous like that! LOL! Anyway, I am actually frustrated since I didn’t make it in time since I came from a meeting and the rain was really hard. When my friend Ame and I arrived, most were packing up. But there were stores which are still open. So here’s pretty much a photo dump of what we only caught up with:

FANBOYNG OVER RALEENE CABRERA!!!! Okay, Ral, if you read this, don’t feel so awkward when we see each other again. I just think you’re really pretty!

Patricia Prieto and Laureen Uy

Pack up na :(

Having fun while watching them pack up…

Say hi to Ame

and moi! :P

Unisex Accessories by JP Singson

Eat yer brains out!

I’d really love to have Unisex in my wardrobe one day! *werqwerqwerq*

Rings! ZOMG! If I’d have all the money in the world! Again, *werqwerqwerq* LOL!

Inkarlcerating‘s a lil’ fuzzy already. Isang magiting na nurse kasi! Peace!

Paul Jatayna and El Bosquejo

This got Ame hysterical! KAWAIIIIIII!

Kookie Buhain

Inkarlcerating boots. Lalalalalalove it Karl!

Happy Maghag!

Curves Lopez and AJ Omandac

Wish there would be another one! I have read many blogs that say it was really a successful event! AND MANY GREAT FINDS IN AFFORDABLE PRICES! I was actually hoping I could get David Guison‘s famous letterman jacket (since his first name is my last name, LOL!) Well, anyway, all I can hope for is a repeat of this wonderful event! Kudos to all the fashion bloggers in the country especially to the organizers who brought us Bloggers UnitedMelai Entuna, Aisa Ipac, and Ana Gonzales.

As my friend from Photobloggers Philippines, Mel Lavadia asked, “Pwede ba magpa-makeover sa fashion blogger?” Yeah, maybe that would be a great event, too! Teehee! :P

Photos by Jonver David and Ame Calix

FaDAL Fashion Week After Party

Last week, FaDAL Manila hosted an after party for the success of its members who participated in the latest Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 last May 8-15. It was yet another awesome party complete with models who wore the designers’ masterpieces. Also, designer cocktails were served (my favorite was Blush) which each of the FaDAL designers custom-made. It was my first time at Seventh High club, been out of the clubbing scene for quite some time. Check these out though:

Stylist Ryuji Shiomitsu.

FaDAL President Jaz Cerezo

Forever 21’s Louie Jay Moises

FaDAL Founder Levenson Rodriguez and VersaVise’s Matthew Valeriano. Matthew made the stop motion movie 15-DPS that was shown that night! Pretty cool!

Faces of the night.

I really love how this lady’s get up – fierce and sweet at the same time. Girl crush!

FaDAL Designer Lizanne Cua

FaDAL Designer Cherry Veric

VersaVise Productions’ Bjorn Bedayo, Matthew Valeriano, and another guy (sorry didn’t quite get the name.)

Fashion bloggers Ron and Glenn.

Thanks to Levenson Rodriguez for inviting me and to all the designers that I met! I’m so honored to be among such talented people. ‘Til next time!

RIZALizing the Future, A Rizal Tweetup!

“RIZALizing” – a continuing process of imbibing, becoming…
carrying out that essence which is Rizal.

Rizal was the greatest product of the Philippine and his coming to the world was like the appearance of a rare comet, whose rare brilliance appears only every other century. Ferdinand Blumentritt, Philippinologist and Rizal’s best friend, in his book Biography of Rizal, translated from German by Howard Bray (1898)

National hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal is present in the psyche of the Filipino, with his iconic image and enduring spirit experienced in all aspects of our culture, seen in the landscapes of our land, the industries that move our economy and our daily life. He is an example that the Filipino race has given birth to an individual endowed with the highest attributes that could be considered an honor to the human race.

RIZALizing the Future, the exhibition, presents this challenge to cultivate all our good qualities in order to perfect ourselves and together, build a race proud and strong. Speaking through his writings, Rizal offers a visionary look at what we Filipinos, and our country can become.

The exhibition at the Yuchengco Museum presents Rizal in popular format, surveying the various trends, industries, brands, movements and directions that have pointed to Rizal as the root of inspiration.

Using a wide variety of paintings, memorabilia items, popular icons, books, illustrations, contemporary artist’s works, archival photographs, costumes and fashion, the exhibit is geared to a general audience and envisioned to bring Rizal closer to a general audience.

The question that RIZALIZING THE FUTURE challenges all Filipinos is – Have we lived up to the vision our national hero set out for us?


Rizal Tweetup is on! There would be a gathering of Tweeps and Bloggers on June 2, 7pm at the Yuchengco Museum in RCBC Plaza, Makati City. There will be a special preview of “Rizalizing the Future” exhibit + cocktails + culture. Please RSVP via email at and/or sign up here.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that this is free of charge and that everyone is invited! Go share this 411 to other tweeps and bloggers around the area!

More of the Rizalizing the Future exhibit details are available through Yuchengco Museum website.

See you there!

MTV 2011 Movie Awards

Nominees for the “2011 MTV Movie Awards” are as follows:

Black Swan
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1
The Social Network
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Emma Stone – Easy A (Sony Pictures)
Emma Watson – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (Warner Bros. Pictures)
Jennifer Aniston – Just Go With It (Sony Pictures)
Kristen Stewart – The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Summit Entertainment)
Natalie Portman – Black Swan (Fox Searchlight)

Daniel Radcliffe – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (Warner Bros. Pictures)
Jesse Eisenberg – The Social Network (Sony Pictures)
Robert Pattinson – The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Summit Entertainment)
Taylor Lautner – The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Summit Entertainment)
Zac Efron – Charlie St. Cloud (Universal Pictures)

Andrew Garfield – The Social Network (Sony Pictures)
Chloë Grace Moretz – Kick-Ass (Lionsgate)
Hailee Steinfeld – True Grit (Paramount Pictures)
Jay Chou – The Green Hornet (Sony Pictures)
Olivia Wilde – TRON: Legacy (Walt Disney Pictures)
Xavier Samuel – The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Summit Entertainment)

Adam Sandler – Just Go With It (Sony Pictures)
Ashton Kutcher – No Strings Attached (Paramount Pictures)
Emma Stone – Easy A (Sony Pictures)
Russell Brand – Get Him to the Greek (Universal Pictures)
Zach Galifianakis – Due Date (Warner Bros. Pictures)

Alexys Nycole Sanchez – Grown Ups (Sony Pictures)
Amanda Bynes and Emma Stone – Easy A (Sony Pictures)
Jesse Eisenberg – The Social Network (Sony Pictures)
Justin Timberlake and Andrew Garfield – The Social Network (Sony Pictures)
Tom Hardy – Inception (Warner Bros. Pictures)

Christoph Waltz – The Green Hornet (Sony Pictures)
Leighton Meester – The Roommate (Screen Gems)
Mickey Rourke – Iron Man 2 (Paramount Pictures)
Ned Beatty – Toy Story 3 (Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)
Tom Felton – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (Warner Bros. Pictures)

Amy Adams vs. The Sisters – The Fighter (Paramount Pictures)
Chloë Grace Moretz vs. Mark Strong – Kick-Ass (Lionsgate)
Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint vs. Death Eaters – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (Warner Bros. Pictures)
Joseph Gordon-Levitt vs. Hallyway Attacker – Inception (Warner Bros. Pictures)
Robert Pattinson vs. Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel – The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Summit Entertainment)

Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon-Levitt – Inception (Warner Bros. Pictures)
Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (Warner Bros. Pictures)
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson – The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Summit Entertainment)
Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner – The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Summit Entertainment)
Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis – Black Swan (Fox Searchlight)

James Franco – 127 Hours, Cuts Off His Arm (Fox Searchlight)
Justin Bieber – Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, Performance Spectacular (Paramount Pictures)
Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page – Inception, Paris Café Scene (Warner Bros. Pictures)
Natalie Portman – Black Swan , Mutilation: Pulls The Skin Off Her Finger (Fox Searchlight)
Steve-O – Jackass 3D, Port-A-Potty Bungee Stunt (Paramount Pictures)

Ashley Bell – The Last Exorcism (Lionsgate)
Ellen Page – Inception (Warner Bros. Pictures)
Jessica Szohr – Piranha 3D (The Weinstein Company)
Minka Kelly – The Roommate (Screen Gems)
Ryan Reynolds – Buried (Lionsgate)

Alex Pettyfer – I Am Number Four (Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)
Chloë Grace Moretz – Kick-Ass (Lionsgate)
Jaden Smith – The Karate Kid (Sony Pictures)
Joseph Gordon-Levitt – Inception (Warner Bros.)
Robert Downey Jr. – Iron Man 2 (Paramount Pictures)


* EDIT:Italicized and underlined items  are the winners.


Who do you think will win?


‘Gossip Girl’ star Ed Westwick rumored to visit PHL soon

May 27, 2011, 2:43pm
Ed Westwick plays Chuck Bass in the US hit drama series ‘Gossip Girl’ (Photo by Giovanni Rufino/The CW as seen on
Ed Westwick plays Chuck Bass in the US hit drama series ‘Gossip Girl’ (Photo by Giovanni Rufino/The CW as seen on

MANILA, Philippines – Twitterverse is going gaga over rumors that “Gossip Girl” star Ed Westwick will visit the country soon.

Popular blogger Cecile van Straten (a.k.a. Chuvaness) dropped hints on Twitter last May 26, which many believe refer to Westwick, who plays Chuck Bass in the hit US drama series.

“confeermed! guess who’s coming to town?” she posted, along with a link of a close-up photo of a male individual’s eyes which bear a striking resemblance to the 23-year-old British actor.

Many apparently placed their guesses on the celebrity’s true identity. Chuvaness, meanwhile, narrowed it a bit for her followers, saying, “Dear, it’s not Chace Crawford. Kung si Chace Crawford siraan na ng buhay to. at least hindi si Penn Badgeley (?)” pertaining to Westwick’s co-actors on “Gossip Girl.”

She added, “hindi nga si Nate (Crawford) at lalong hindi si Robert Pattinson (‘Twilight’ star) xoxo!”

Meanwhile, a post by Chuvaness’ fellow blogger and lifestyle columnist Grace Velasco (a.k.a. Divasoria) on her blog site on May 27 apparently provided more clues, which also seemed to  point to Westwick. It also included a photo similar to what Chuvaness has posted.

“A young star of what can be considered the ‘greatest show of our generation’ will grace our shores very soon to do a TOP SECRET project. Your guess is as good as mine. *wink*,” her blog post read.

She likewise added popular lines from “GG” at the end of her entry: “You know you love me” and “xoxo.”

Divasoria also posted a link of her entry on her Twitter on Friday, which read: “GOOD MORNING, UPPER EASTSIDERS! exciting news :)” “Upper Eastsiders” happens to be the collective term for the lead characters of “Gossip Girl,” as the show is set in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York.

There is no confirmed date yet of Westwick’s purported Philippine visit. But if proliferating tweets on late Friday morning are to be believed, Westwick’s visit will have something to do with him being the newest endorser of local clothing brand Penshoppe.

Interestingly, “Chuck Bass” ranked seventh on Twitter’s local top trending topics also on Friday. “Penshoppe” likewise entered the list at 10th spot.



If you follow me on Twitter (or have read my ‘About’ page) you’ll know I’m head over heels gaga on four American series – GLEE, GREY’S ANATOMY, BIG BANG THEORY, and GOSSIP GIRL! Chuck Bass is not my favorite character, but damn the acting and looks, and whatsoever you may call it – charm – Ed Westwick is such a natural! We all love Ed/Chuck, and we all love Penshoppe!



Jonver goes SG for MTV Asia!

One stressful day, this came in my e-mail:

STOOOOOOKED! Nevermind going to Singapore, but the fact that MTV Asia invited me there is enough! I am really grateful for all the opportunities this blog is opening for me! Thank you, thank you MTV Asia!

However, I had a little bit of a problem because my passport is a year and a couple of months expired already. I had to have it extended. Good thing, DFA has this public memo about extension. AND YES, even if you’re a year and a couple of months late from renewing your passport. Yay for DFA’s impeccable service. So people, renew your passports ahead of time!

Special mention to Hanna, Glenn, and Kass for helping me out for my passport dilemma. Also, I read a helpful post from the OAP maven, Mr. Anton Diaz.

P.S. You may have remembered Saab Magalona being invited to EMA’s Live Screening by MTV Asia, also in Singapore. Wala laaaaaaang… You know me naman when it comes to Saab, teehee! I’m so freaking excited!

P.S.S. I won’t even deny. This will be the first time I’ll be out of the country.

Can’t. Hide. EXCITEMENT,

It’s Back to School! (Well, for most of you)

The Darker Side of Black: Manels Rocks to School

It is again that time of year when we start parting with the bright shades of summer and reach for the classic subtleties of black. Yes, it’s that time again when we start shopping for the Back-to-School season! So the hunt begins for the perfect pair of black shoes. While this may be one of your less exciting shopping expeditions, Manels puts together a collection that spices things up and explores the darker side of black.

Manels Leathergoods, the country’s pioneer brand in leather, heads into the Back-to-School season with its campaign entitled “Black Rockin’ School”. “We want to bring the sexy back into black” says Mark Siggaoat, VP for Operations of Manels. The Manels “Black Rockin’ School” collection highlights mid-cut leather boots, rubber-soled oxfords with a sneaker-type finish, and casual loafers for the men. For the ladies, modern mary janes and patent leather finish highlights the collection. “The Black Rockin’ School collection has a little bit of something for the rebel in each of us” says Siggaoat. While the brand continues to carry its comfort staples and classic school shoes, the campaign takes a fresh angle into the Back-to-School season by giving style-conscious students a chance to “strut their styles” into the hallways this season.

Leather remains at the core of the brand’s collection and campaign. Visibly, the store’s look for the season takes its cue from vintage 70’s punk rock. “We were inspired by that rugged black leather jacket look from the 70’s popularized by The Ramones” says Siggaoat. Manels continues to reinvent itself in staying at the forefront of leather footwear since its inception in 1964.

Checkout Manels at all major Metro Manila malls. Checkout their Facebook page or through Twitter via @marksig_manels.


I miss school :|

PFW Style Diaries: Penshoppe


I wish Penshoppe invited only so many, if you know what I mean. The fashion show looked very mainstream, but nonetheless, the pieces shown were good. You could fill your closet with Penshoppe and look like you’ve bought Topman or Zara, without them knowing. It’s true! LOL, exaggerating, of course.

BUT REALLY. It’s the only show from the Philippine Fashion Week that required me to stand like I’m in a rock concert. /sigh

Angela and Paola.

Ms. Tessa Prieto – Valdez.

Angela and Trixie.

And that ends my PFW Style Diaries. Hope I served you well, guys. LOL! Til the next fashion week, people! Support Philippine Fashion Design!

PFW Style Diaries: Rusty Lopez

My favorite show from the entire Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 Collection. It’s relaxed, chill vibe and mix of carefree, fancy, all at the same time dapper made me rethink my first impression of Rusty Lopez as a shoe brand. I like how they came up with the sofa set, kinda homey feeling, and the role-playing part by the models. Including kids in the runway are also a cute addition to what is already an awesome idea!

Plus, it’s the show I’m nearest to the runway, teehee!

PFW Style Diaries: Premiere B & C

Premiere B:
Alodia Cecilia | Anthony Ramirez | John Paras | Lizanne Cua | Mitz Quilendrino – Bustos

Fashion power couple: Jujiin Samonte x Paolo Castro

Premiere C:
Derick Haliber | Jeffrey Rogador | Kermit Tesoro | Raoul Ramirez | Yako Reyes

Lookbook superstar and zeh Avant-Gardien: Andre Chang

Upcoming photographer (and my former classmate): Sven Barretto

Photos taken from the fourth row perspective.

Kudos to Philippine Fashion Designers!