Daily Archives: April 29, 2011

And we cut this program for a very special announcement

I am supposed to be on hiatus and should be just limited to the four corners of my pandemonic room, flipping the pages of my reviewers as I yawn myself eagerly to boredom.

But alas, I am out and I am reading my magazine, as a random Gel tinkers on her laptop over coffee. Thanks to the two free days the center has given us, I am relaxing like the Board Exam is on December, not July.

Well, honestly, I’m bummed. Reviewing is as dragging as my classes in college, only that the grade now is a matter of life and death. I’ve let down many events and I feel guilty when I have to stay outdoors late for covers. But I guess it’s not absolute. Everything should fall into balance. /palusot

So with this little rant, I leave you all and eat to my heart’s content here in Banchetto! I’ll get back to you with the galleries I’ve been and some more events coming in May… I’m excited even though I can’t go. Hope you find these information useful!

So til tomorrow brunch,

P.S. Say hi to the winners of Bb. Eyebags 2011 /lol

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