The longest concert hangover ever!

The Script in Manila!!! We just can’t get enough!


  • You Won’t Feel A Thing
  • Talk You Down
  • We Cry
  • If You Ever Come Back
  • Before The Worst
  • If You See Kay
  • The End Where I Begin
  • Science And Faith
  • The Man Who Can’t Be Moved
  • I’m Yours
  • Nothing
  • Dead Man Walking
  • Rusty Halo


  • For The First Time
  • Breakeven


Again, SOME VIDEOS ARE NOT FOR THE WEAK OF STOMACH. Some looked like they’re taken from a rollercoaster! And you can hear us singing! ME SINGING!!!!! Oh well, this is how you watch THE SCRIPT in Manila!

I can’t  help but to be teary-eyed with The End Where I Begin. It’s too much emotional for me that I used to sing this for a person… well, to realize I still sing this for that same person.

And of course, The Man Who Can’t Be Moved. Because I am that man! #CHOS! And by this time, I don’t know how many times I tweeted how hot Danny is! AND EVEN TAGGING @THESCRIPT hahahahahaha!

This is where Dan removed his jacket!!!!!!!! I can’t shout any louder! HAWT!!!


I have no decent pictures that night as I was too naive to leave Chace, the D3100 at home, fearing that they may detain my camera, so I just have videos. Here are some from Manila Concert Scene’s Tumblr!

Please click on the photos for the credits to the real owners of the photos! The last one is my favorite! Oh Danny!!!!! I LOVE YOUUUU! FYI: I even shouted “DANNY I LOVE YOU” during the I’m Yours performance in a very low-toned guy voice. That’s how crazy that day is! Everybody’s just laughing at me and I don’t even care. I’M SO GAY FOR YOU DANNY O’DONOGHUE!!! HAHAHAHA! Anyway, he was wearing drop crotch pants and boots, might he…? HAHAHAHAHA! I’ve been using caps and the letters H and A too much in this post!

After the adrenaline-filled night, four people are very happy to witness one of the best (for me it is the best though) concerts Manila has ever witnessed –

NEXT: Switchfoot and Maroon 5!!!! SPONSORS PLEASE! HAHA! #CHOS!


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