Lent whatnots

The only reason why I haven’t posted all The Script videos is that internet lately has been crappy. Really!!! I have never experienced this slow connection since I subscribed with Globe. My place is sandwiched between two cell sites, so it sort of guarantees a speedy connection all the time.

These are my hypotheses why this is happening:
1. Broadband Cap
2. Lenten Season
3. Summer Vacation – everyone’s using the internet!
4. Globe is just crappy.

Well, anyway, it’s a fitting lenten sacrifice (as if I’ve done it at any point in my life, no offense meant) for a geek to be unplugged. Spend time with family, read book and magazine backlogs, and just feel the disconnected life for a while. I think it’s the perfect time to think about my life now, the life after graduation. What to do and where to go is still a big blur for me though it’s slowly unraveling for me now.

So what’s your lenten sacrifice?

X’s: The perks of the unplugged life, I get to spend time with the sibs –

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