I just graduated… errr, I am officially unemployed

You have to agree with me that aside from getting your ass to the list of candidates for graduation, finding the best graduation dress is the next hardest thing to do! So I dragged my loyal shopping companion in the person of my sister to hunt grad shirts for my big day. I swear, it wasn’t easy! No to stripes. No to waiter-looking attire (no offense meant). No too formal shirts. Yes to studs, but the “thunders” might react. Yes to embellishments, but again the “thunders.” Yes to mono or diachromatic. Yes to out of-this-world-ness. Gah. Check out my picks —

People are People.



And I ended up with Merger! I like the metal thingy that worked as buttons and the black and white ensemble. Whew! I bought also shoes in the same color but I forgot to take a picture.


Next up! (Yes I am putting all grad stuff in this single post :P) Baccalaureate Mass. I think I have gisted the Mass in my previous post, here are some pictures though. It was fun, and I am slowly feeling that graduation is at hand. And that the responsibilities of an officially unemployed guy is right in front of my face. Yes, I have to find work! Have to have income! Tell that to the two other million unemployed nurses. I say yes to underemployment though… More of that on another post, teehee!


Batch Graduation! I swear I have the slightest urge to use Chace inside PICC. And I didn’t take too much pictures as well. I just want to feel the solemnity of the ceremony. But good ol’ friends tagged me, so here are grabbed pictures from their Facebook accounts :)


Cum Laude. Thank God!

Dee, our group leader and friend, delivered the valedictory address.

Photos from Ariane dela Cruz, Elaine Arce, and moi.


Lastly, the Clinical Graduation (Pinning Ceremony.) It is the induction of the nursing graduates to the profession as well as the mark of the completion of the nursing program. Some of the parts of the first graduation was repeated (i.e. induction to the almuni association) and it is less solemn than the first. The speaker was also Mrs. Medrana (RCAP Director), as she was also the one who gave her speech in our candle-lighting ceremony some two years ago. I think it’s also premature and less prepared of than the batch graduation was. I’d like to emphasize that I’d like to see more seriousness in the ceremony but I guess more of the students preferred having fun. Imagine fooling around the batch song, if you know what I mean. I am a little disappointed in this one.

This is the pin we were given in a bigger keychain form.

Photos from Cristina Alviz, Ariane dela Cruz, and Mara Villaluz.


Never mind the disappointments. I think what matters now is that we are commencing a new phase, a new chapter in our lives. Another story to begin with, new lessons to learn, and whole lot of adventure to explore. I am excited and scared at the same time. I wish all the best for my section, my batch, and my alma mater. I do hope that in time, this (nursing) will prove to be a good investment in my future.

As for now, positivity is flooding in. I hope it stays like this… forever. That’s all for now, ciao!


3 responses to “I just graduated… errr, I am officially unemployed

  1. congratulations! :) Welcome to the unemployed world!haha.

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