Graduation Lunch at Abe

I’ve heard some bad reviews about Abe, and I guess after those they have improved because I can’t give any review but ooh’s and aah’s. Fine Filipino-Capampangan cuisine. AND UNLIMITED RICE! Didn’t realize until we ordered already! Gourmet + Unlimited Rice = LALALALALALOVE. Will definitely go back to try the other menu items.

Artsy menu.

Kevin and Angel.

Mom and Dad.

Mommy and I.

Paco Fern Salad. Refreshing native greens in crunchy tomatoes and onions with salted egg. I like how this is so appetizing, especially the tang of the dressing used.

Pinakbet wen Manong. I am a fan of dry pinakbet with plenty of Bagnet (I forgot where I had the best pinakbet ever, somewhere in McKinley Hill!) But this soupy version is good as well. They used young ampalaya which is my favorite, and the sauce is not bitter at all. I just hope the veggies have more crunch in it.

Halabos na Hipon. My Mommy (that’s what I call my grandmom) told me the reason why the skin is so hard to peel is probably it is overcooked. My only comment to this is: I hope it is not soupy, and larger, and more. Halabos is supposed to be a simple dish, and not to be complicated like this.

Binagoongan. It’s alright. It’s all I can say I guess..

Binukadkad na Plapla. It looks like Gyarados *geek!* But seriously, as simple as it looks like a fried tilapia, the fish is carefully cooked. The meat is not dry, it has just the right crunch. Brava for the presentation also. Did not tasted the buro that comes with it though!

It was one happy lunch to share with family. My family loves to eat authentic Filipino food, and what is more appropriate to celebrate with like my graduation. Thanks Abe for the great eat!


Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. We paid for all the food that we ordered.

One response to “Graduation Lunch at Abe

  1. love it..unli rice..nice post..

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