Coachella Bazaar


Sorry! It’s been busy with graduation, and good thing half of my concerns are finished. I still have to file my application for the board exams this July.

Many have blogged about this amazing bazaar, and yes, you might have read all of those. Maybe why it is amazing is because the brands that participated are really just awe-strikingly amazing! Some of the brands we looked at are – Os, Paradigm Shift, Miadore, Soule Phenomenon, Tomoe, Made for Movement, Das, The Weekender, Artwine, Suelas, My Favorite Store, Mesh Room, My Bead Shop, Ichigo Shoes, Straal, Pika-pika, Farrah Abu, Abby Jocson, Amber Lights, among others. Great finds and I got some of their numbers because I purposively did not bring any money just so to avoid overspending. Check this out!

Met Miguel of El Bosquejo Blog and Jewelry for the Arena Homme A/W Ish! He’s so chica! Very simple!

The ferocity that is OS. This is mainly why I’m interested to come here :)

Leopard + Studs on laptop bag = rawr!

Rings are so in!

And so are anything-camera-whatnots! I love the telephoto lens mug!

I need to buy another pair of boots…


Zebraaaaaa. I instantly remembered Zebra Day.

I remembered the Willy Wonka shades being sold at every Cosplay Con…

Finally met Boj with his best friend Karen. Glad to meet you bud!

Street style at work!

I particularly like this!

I love that bag! What do you call it though?!

Geeky stylish accessories ahead!

Espadrille Fever!!!!!

Say hi to Elyoo!

And this is what you call — umi-Inkarlcerating!!!! Miss you Karl!

Note: I am sorry I didn’t match the items with their respective brands, errr… bad memory. But anyway, please do check their websites, indicated above of this post. Also, to disclose I am not sponsored for this post. I just enjoy sharing good things happening in the metro! ALSO. There is in no way, this Bazaar is connected to the music festival. I think, like my friend Thysz said, it’s just for the branding. Kaya bawal mag-inaso aah! Chillax lang! Hehe!


3 responses to “Coachella Bazaar

  1. omg ok why did i not see those boots haha! probably a good thing i didnt see kasi baka napabili ako de oras no no no hahahaha

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