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This 16th of April…

…is kinda ruined for me. Sorry but yes, this will be another rant post. But I guess, look at it this way, I am informing you of so many events that will happen (but none of these will I ever attend, unless miracle happens right this minute.) Here goes.

A month ago, my the April 16th slot in my planner started to fill up –

THE SCRIPT IN MANILA! Oh boy I cannot wait for this any longer! HAPPENING TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!! Fell in love with their songs even more with their second album… and I am in verbal diarrhea because of excitement! Stoked! Gonna watch with Hanna, Paola, and Angela.

Luzon Blogger Summit: Bloggers Fest in the morning! I was invited via Photobloggers Philippines, and it is free, and it is an opportunity meet bloggers and learn more about blogging.

Also, Everywhere We Shoot, the design duo that I am sooooooooo a fan of are having their talk and first solo gallery in Ayala Museum! I was supposed to cut my time in the summit just to catch them. Gawd, so many good things happening in just one day.

Then I have to cancel from the all of the above because of a shoot with Jacinto and Lirio. To be completely honest – this work is pro-bono, but I love that this is for a cause (I’m really open to work pro-bono IF it is for a GOOD cause) and that I can actually have awesome models for my portfolio also. BUT…

RCAP, the review center I’m enrolled at, JUST MOVED THE ORIENTATION DATE ON THIS DATE, 8AM – 5PM. Just as when I already confirmed for Jacito and Lirio, then they came like … “to give way for FEU’s pinning ceremony” which is yesterday (14th)  and why would not we have the review today is still a compplete confusion to me. I AM ENRAGED. It is because I hate saying no to my clients, especially after confirming and setting the date myself to boot with. This is extremely disappointing and we haven’t started yet. Blah.

As if things cannot get worse anymore, I am missing this great talk on Ethics and Media by RockEd Radio. GREAT! All the awesome things I am looking forward to are happening in 24 hours only!!!! AND IT MIGHT BE JUST ONCE THIS YEAR! I may have the opportunity to attend another but it will be next year already. Imagine my disappointment this time. AGAIN, WHY ARE THESE HAPPENING ALL AT THE SAME TIME?!

To my readers, please attend these awesome events, I swear they are worth your time. Disclosure: I am connected with RockEd Philippines.

For [just] a review class, this is too much! Thank God still for I am not missing The Script (because I paid more than a freaking two grand for that :|)



P.S. I know I AM A NURSE and I should be prioritizing my review and the board exam, but heck if anyone from RCAP reads this – please know that you don’t just cancel things because people have schedules made, and you should not be too pa-VIP to do this. I don’t even know why you moved it when the pinning ceremony is in daytime. Students will have enough time to rest, if you are concerned with that. I hope this does not happen again.

Coachella Bazaar


Sorry! It’s been busy with graduation, and good thing half of my concerns are finished. I still have to file my application for the board exams this July.

Many have blogged about this amazing bazaar, and yes, you might have read all of those. Maybe why it is amazing is because the brands that participated are really just awe-strikingly amazing! Some of the brands we looked at are – Os, Paradigm Shift, Miadore, Soule Phenomenon, Tomoe, Made for Movement, Das, The Weekender, Artwine, Suelas, My Favorite Store, Mesh Room, My Bead Shop, Ichigo Shoes, Straal, Pika-pika, Farrah Abu, Abby Jocson, Amber Lights, among others. Great finds and I got some of their numbers because I purposively did not bring any money just so to avoid overspending. Check this out!

Met Miguel of El Bosquejo Blog and Jewelry for the Arena Homme A/W Ish! He’s so chica! Very simple!

The ferocity that is OS. This is mainly why I’m interested to come here :)

Leopard + Studs on laptop bag = rawr!

Rings are so in!

And so are anything-camera-whatnots! I love the telephoto lens mug!

I need to buy another pair of boots…


Zebraaaaaa. I instantly remembered Zebra Day.

I remembered the Willy Wonka shades being sold at every Cosplay Con…

Finally met Boj with his best friend Karen. Glad to meet you bud!

Street style at work!

I particularly like this!

I love that bag! What do you call it though?!

Geeky stylish accessories ahead!

Espadrille Fever!!!!!

Say hi to Elyoo!

And this is what you call — umi-Inkarlcerating!!!! Miss you Karl!

Note: I am sorry I didn’t match the items with their respective brands, errr… bad memory. But anyway, please do check their websites, indicated above of this post. Also, to disclose I am not sponsored for this post. I just enjoy sharing good things happening in the metro! ALSO. There is in no way, this Bazaar is connected to the music festival. I think, like my friend Thysz said, it’s just for the branding. Kaya bawal mag-inaso aah! Chillax lang! Hehe!

Graduation Lunch at Abe

I’ve heard some bad reviews about Abe, and I guess after those they have improved because I can’t give any review but ooh’s and aah’s. Fine Filipino-Capampangan cuisine. AND UNLIMITED RICE! Didn’t realize until we ordered already! Gourmet + Unlimited Rice = LALALALALALOVE. Will definitely go back to try the other menu items.

Artsy menu.

Kevin and Angel.

Mom and Dad.

Mommy and I.

Paco Fern Salad. Refreshing native greens in crunchy tomatoes and onions with salted egg. I like how this is so appetizing, especially the tang of the dressing used.

Pinakbet wen Manong. I am a fan of dry pinakbet with plenty of Bagnet (I forgot where I had the best pinakbet ever, somewhere in McKinley Hill!) But this soupy version is good as well. They used young ampalaya which is my favorite, and the sauce is not bitter at all. I just hope the veggies have more crunch in it.

Halabos na Hipon. My Mommy (that’s what I call my grandmom) told me the reason why the skin is so hard to peel is probably it is overcooked. My only comment to this is: I hope it is not soupy, and larger, and more. Halabos is supposed to be a simple dish, and not to be complicated like this.

Binagoongan. It’s alright. It’s all I can say I guess..

Binukadkad na Plapla. It looks like Gyarados *geek!* But seriously, as simple as it looks like a fried tilapia, the fish is carefully cooked. The meat is not dry, it has just the right crunch. Brava for the presentation also. Did not tasted the buro that comes with it though!

It was one happy lunch to share with family. My family loves to eat authentic Filipino food, and what is more appropriate to celebrate with like my graduation. Thanks Abe for the great eat!


Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. We paid for all the food that we ordered.

I just graduated… errr, I am officially unemployed

You have to agree with me that aside from getting your ass to the list of candidates for graduation, finding the best graduation dress is the next hardest thing to do! So I dragged my loyal shopping companion in the person of my sister to hunt grad shirts for my big day. I swear, it wasn’t easy! No to stripes. No to waiter-looking attire (no offense meant). No too formal shirts. Yes to studs, but the “thunders” might react. Yes to embellishments, but again the “thunders.” Yes to mono or diachromatic. Yes to out of-this-world-ness. Gah. Check out my picks —

People are People.



And I ended up with Merger! I like the metal thingy that worked as buttons and the black and white ensemble. Whew! I bought also shoes in the same color but I forgot to take a picture.


Next up! (Yes I am putting all grad stuff in this single post :P) Baccalaureate Mass. I think I have gisted the Mass in my previous post, here are some pictures though. It was fun, and I am slowly feeling that graduation is at hand. And that the responsibilities of an officially unemployed guy is right in front of my face. Yes, I have to find work! Have to have income! Tell that to the two other million unemployed nurses. I say yes to underemployment though… More of that on another post, teehee!


Batch Graduation! I swear I have the slightest urge to use Chace inside PICC. And I didn’t take too much pictures as well. I just want to feel the solemnity of the ceremony. But good ol’ friends tagged me, so here are grabbed pictures from their Facebook accounts :)


Cum Laude. Thank God!

Dee, our group leader and friend, delivered the valedictory address.

Photos from Ariane dela Cruz, Elaine Arce, and moi.


Lastly, the Clinical Graduation (Pinning Ceremony.) It is the induction of the nursing graduates to the profession as well as the mark of the completion of the nursing program. Some of the parts of the first graduation was repeated (i.e. induction to the almuni association) and it is less solemn than the first. The speaker was also Mrs. Medrana (RCAP Director), as she was also the one who gave her speech in our candle-lighting ceremony some two years ago. I think it’s also premature and less prepared of than the batch graduation was. I’d like to emphasize that I’d like to see more seriousness in the ceremony but I guess more of the students preferred having fun. Imagine fooling around the batch song, if you know what I mean. I am a little disappointed in this one.

This is the pin we were given in a bigger keychain form.

Photos from Cristina Alviz, Ariane dela Cruz, and Mara Villaluz.


Never mind the disappointments. I think what matters now is that we are commencing a new phase, a new chapter in our lives. Another story to begin with, new lessons to learn, and whole lot of adventure to explore. I am excited and scared at the same time. I wish all the best for my section, my batch, and my alma mater. I do hope that in time, this (nursing) will prove to be a good investment in my future.

As for now, positivity is flooding in. I hope it stays like this… forever. That’s all for now, ciao!