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April 12 marks the day that I am no longer a student, but a citizen of the world. That would be quoting the Reverend (forgot the name again, shizz) who facilitated the Baccalaureate Mass yesterday. What the priest did excellently made up for all the waiting and other unnecessary shenanigans that occured before the Baccalaureate Mass. Kasi naman gagaraduate na lang, andami pang kaartehan. Maybe I’ll never get what they are trying to do but I’m glad that the priest at least knew how to deliver a homily effectively. Uhm my lame professors (ang tamaan, kayo na po may problema) please follow his example. I was really touched, especially when he mentioned the truth being inconvenient and why many people has opted living a life of lies. I hope my batchmates were able to absorb this message too because I think I shall carry this until the day I retire from work.

Anyway, what I really wanna say (I digressed again) is that I’ll be almost AFK until this coming week finishes. Two grads, a couple of events, orientation to the review center, and a concert will happen, so it’s basically a fully booked week. I’d love to blog about these things but they’ll be happening so fast I don’t think I’ll be able to blog immediately. I’ll try though :P Anyhow. Follow my Twitter account for more updates though — here

One more thing: what do you think of this shirt from Mundo? Fierce or trying too hard? Been looking for a simple yet stylish grad shirt I can also use often even after grad.


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