Old new friends

At the height of social media usage these days, I really haven’t tried its full potential especially in tracking anybody from my not-so-distant past. I’m not even talking about lovers here. Am talking about old friends. By old, I mean friends that I do not see very often now, and usually those I’ve forgotten names of (sorry). I often use it to contact people I meet in events, places, and just about random stuff though. Until…

Where is Jonver in the picture????? Can you find me? LOL!

I can’t even explain how surreal things feel right now. I can’t remember any of the faces (except for Ms. Cachola) in those pictures, but I remember being so happy then! Still, despite the difficulty of recognizing faces, this has somehow made me happy today, and it made me really nostalgic of my old school in Quezon City. I studied in MLCA (now Living Epistle Christian Academy) up until I was in second grade. My family decided to move to Bulacan when I just started third grade there, and there’s a long story of adjusting with my new school… and oh well, MEMORIES. Funny though, that I really don’t remember any of them. AS IN EVEN MR. RODRIGUEZ (that’s how we call each other way back then) WHO PERSONALLY SENT ME A MESSAGE JUST FOR THIS, I CAN’T REMEMBER. Hey buddy, thanks for this! This has been a trip to the past – surreal, nostalgic, and very happy. I have to add, that it becomes very amazing again that it’s in this height of emotional roadtrip, that is my graduation, that I see these kind of memories. I miss my childhood!

Please say hi to my old new friends!



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