Happy birthday Shrine!

Went to Pangasinan for the back to back celebration of the Divina sisters – Shrine’s debut, and my classmate’s Dee victory party!

Stayed in Cozy Place resort (don’t ask about the name, haha) where the debut will be held! We just had an awesome time!

Eating at a place called Place to Eat! Never mind the name, the food is good!

Fish Fillet

Buttered shrimp and vegetables


Pork Sinigang

Shot by Ella Coronado

Having fun with the camera…

Fight scenes by Ella and E-ann

At may round girl pa talaga! Goooooo!

Flip your hair like that!


Photo Story-making

So much fun and much-needed R&R.

Finally, Shrine’s big night! Equally stunning sisters!

My gorgeous classmates – Elaine, Ella, E-ann, Ariane, and Dee.

Look at the set, it’s too beautiful!

Divina Chorale :)

Ikaw na Dee ang dumada-moves!

Dee had a solo performace, which is very awesome. Dee’s such a talented woman – beauty, brains, and talent!


Shrine and boyf!

What I wore: Blazer, thrifted; Top, People are People; Pants, Penshoppe; Boots, thrifted

Thanks for the Divina family for having us! Kudos to Dee, and a happy and blessed birthday again to Shrine!



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