FaDAL sets the bar: The New Assemblage

So I was invited to this fashion show slash charity event which happens to be the most fashion forward show that I’ve seen and one of the most amazing cause to witness. Chiaroscuro: Isang Litrong Liwanag x FaDAL, The New Assemblage.

I want the Technology!

I was with other bloggers (with backstage passes, yeeeeah!) Tin IglesiasShix TamanoEunicenaBjorn BedayoEdrick, Yek, and Paul. Every now and then I see these very dynamic set of bloggers and I am just in awe how they dress up, and how they can pull it off. Not only the fashion show was fashion forward, but also the bloggers present in the event!

Karl’s shark outfit is so FIERCE!

Models from the Philippine Models Association of the Philippines (PMAP).

Paul and Karl

Tin and Shix

Stylists Corner

Photographers at work!

JP Singson and Edrick

Mike and Paul

FIERCE pose, Paul! You like his necklace? Watch out for his line of accessories named OS. Coming this April 8 at the Coachella Bazaar!

Water break! Can you just rock these Kermit Tesoro’s Karl is wearing?!

I have to thank Thysz for helping me out with the backstage pass.


My favorite model of the night: Mia Ayesa

She just fixed herself in front of the audience!

But nevertheless redeemed afterwards!

Paradigm Shift at last!

Eunice, one of the bloggers present!

FaDAL Manila

Mike+Karl with Lev Rodriguez

Mcdo everyday keeps the doctor away! Second for the day!

Thysz imitating a black woman! And oh, hello Nan (of Status) and Elyoo!

And we ended the night… errr mornight, with #Sensitivity2011! Had so fun you guys! I made a list of these wonderful people for all of you to follow their witty tweets – Uberfashionistas

Next Fashion Event to watch out for: Philippine Fashion Week! We hope to see Paradigm Shift of cooourse!


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