Nightmares, Monsters, and Gores

Manila has a big base of great local artists – whether it be any medium. And I think this blog is a testimony how Manila is a hub to these creative visionaries. Check this out – Nightmares, Monsters, and Gores.

Gallery was held last March 23, 2011 at Vinyl on Vinyl, The Collective. Vinyl on Vinyl is actually a toy store. Cool stuff ahead!

I remembered Japan…

I want the yellow one! I COVET!!!!

Artists loomed around the area! And they just started on scribbling on their pads! You know what to say, when you have the creative surge, just give in. I guess that’s what these artists live by! They draw really nice illustrations!

Say hi to Gaby dela Merced, co-owner of Vinyl on Vinyl. She’s just wonderful!

Manila will always be home to great artists! And this could be a tourist attraction someday! I hope our government gives ample attention to these talents so that we don’t lose them to higher paying companies abroad. Just saying, though! I just want to live to see the art scene here in Manila flourish like that of France and Italy!


P.S. Sorry for the lack of names behind the artworks, I didn’t take down notes. You can look it up here, I guess.
P.S.S. I am not in any way connected with VOV or any of the artists involved in the gallery. I’m just a fan of art, that’s all.


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