The Quarterly Jonver Report

I just woke up coming from two back-to-back events. And yes, sleeplessness is like alcohol that sometimes brings in more hangover than alcohol does. The Quarterly Jonver Report is about to commence in a while…

*I am in the dining room, with a glass of my favorite soda, with the Glee cast on the background, while I put watermarks pictures taken from Chace the D3100*

Shot by The Jen Aquino.

I saw a tweet earlier (when I hadn’t had any sleep yet) recognizing the near end of the first quarter of the year. It hit me, that indeed it had been three months. And I must admit that A LOT has happened since the year started. Let me post this self-evaluation, as I perceive that a huge part of my life now is, not only involved in my blog, but also was affected by this blog. Also the quarterly report can help me recap the year easily in three-month spans (geek!) Let me start with this though:

2011 started blurry. Blurry because I am graduating, not even knowing what’s next in this phase. It is a bleak assurance that I could easily get a job, considering the heavy surplus in nurses now. But I guess all things go bleak before they become very clear in us.

Graduation. I am, at last, graduating from college. I’ve been in college for six years, and I am proud to say that I haven’t flunked any subject, nor had one in danger. I am graduating with flying colors (in a course that I least liked – euphemism, lol!) and it is my honor to offer this to the people who have helped me in any kind, especially to my mother who has been my inspiration in all of these.

Where is Jonver?? It was late December of 2010 when I began meeting other bloggers. Different people behind usernames, websites, and codenames. This blog has allowed me to network and know other people. I am particularly glad that I began this blog and started becoming serious about this, because it has been a great help in meeting new people, at least for me. This blog has brought me to places that at first thought, I wouldn’t imagine being there, much less see any of it coming.

Photography. Chace, the D3100, opened a whole new dimension of opportunities for me. It has been a hobby ever since, and now I think I am ready for some serious business. The equipment is not the whole point though. A professional camera doesn’t make one a photographer. Still, I think that a creative imagination is the key in any profession. I really do consider myself amateur in this and definitely a noob. So who wants to teach me some camera tricks? :)

Closure. Some things (just now, mind you) have come into closure. I think I have sent my message clear enough now just to appease the turmoil in my insides. I have loved that person for two years, unreciprocated, but nevertheless, I loved therefore I am. Hurt, yes, but I believe though that with doors slammed at your face, a new one always opens. This closure is an end but as well a start to greater things in my life.

Twestival Manila. RockEd. Photobloggers Philippines. Young Photographers Philippines. And the many other bloggers, designers, people and artists of different fields that I have met. I am grateful that I have crossed paths with these different groups of people to which I owe much of the first quarter of 2011. All I can say is that I am honored to have worked, have met, and have known these people. I may not have any organizations or involvement in college, but I believe they are worth more than that. And I am proud to say that this blog helped me to connect to them! For more, guys! FOR MORE!

And if there are new friends, there are those good ol’ ones. Enumerating them one by one will be too lengthy for a post. I suggest you read the plethora of posts about friends, aptly tagged as Family and Friends. For when the toughest times come, friends are the toughest that you got.

That pretty much covers everything, thanks!


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