Let there be light


I remember studying Chiaroscuro in Art Studies, that it is the interplay of light and dark. My friend @toxicdiscoboy Mike Magallanes invited me to come in Fashion Designers Alliance (FaDAl) Manila’s showcase of their new assemblage. At the same time, it is a fundraiser to help light thousands of homes. It’s very much alike to what we aim with Twestival, but in a whole new perspective. I am very glad to support this kind of events that does not only entertain the senses but aims to give back to the community.

Congrats to @inkarlcerating Karl Leuterio and Mike Magallanes for making it to FaDAl’s assemblage of creative artists revolutionizing the Philippine fashion scene! Check their brand Paradigm Shift!

P.S. Karl+Mike, if you’re reading this, I might buy some clothes from you guys! I need to update my wardrobe! Teehee!
P.S.S. Thanks again to Mike for inviting me! My vacation is really packed, and I lalalalalove it!

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