No post about earthquakes?

Almost all blogs, if not all, have a post or two about earthquake x disaster management. I don’t though. I didn’t find in myself blogging about it. I don’t have an issue about it though. I enjoyed some of the posts I read. While some are entertaining, some are just photox, and just plain boring and repetitive. I believe if you want your message to get across people, you squeeze those creative juices. Again, I have no issues with it. Being prepared is good. Being paranoid is another thing.


I already did a post about Japan. While I don’t usually blog about massively blogged stuff, I can’t hide the concern I have for Japan. I have loved Japan for all of my life. That’s why this following photos moved me, as a person, and as a Japanese at heart.

If there is next to this life, I want to be Japanese, too.

Photos from JessicaRulesTheUniverse

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