Everyday Earth Hour

We cannot forego electricity. Everything now runs with a plug. Your smartphone. The laptop. You charge the camera. Chill food in the fridge. Cook in electric stoves. It’s summer, you use the aircon double the frequency. Electric fans gone wild just to cool you down. You heat food through the microwave. You use the light.

And that’s just your home. Look around you. Everything’s really plugged. And we just can’t help it.

Undoubtedly, electricity is a magnificent technology humans had discovered. It made work easy. It made recreation convenient. It made life fun. But whether we like it or not, it kills the environment. And Earth is dying. By. The. Minute.

Today, we celebrate Earth Hour by turning the lights off for 60 minutes. Earth Hour is an effort to increase awareness of caring for our environment. It started in Australia when 2,200 individuals and more than 2,000 business turned their lights off to contribute against climate change.

Last year was the biggest Earth Hour event, participants spanning from 128 countries turned off their lights to show a stand against and raise awareness of the truth of climate change. THIS YEAR, Earth Hour goes beyond the hour.

I remember, in a conversation with a friend, we mused about Earth Hour being an everyday activity. What if we turn our lights off for at least one hour everyday, and not just once a year? We (my friend and I) used to mock the event because we think it’s only being used as an opportunity to commercialize environmentalism. Now, this move to go beyond the hour personally impressed me. Maybe it isn’t just a marketing strategy. Well, I hope it really isn’t because caring for the environment isn’t just business.

Earth Hour encourages us all to go beyond turning off the light for at least one hour. Let us do our part, however little they may be, to save the environment. It is us who live in it, and it shall be us who should move to save it. Let us go beyond the hour. Caring for the environment takes more than sixty minutes.

What can you do to save your environment? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Disclosure: I am not, in any way, affiliated with Earth Hour. I just believe in the cause to save the environment and I will support anything that gears towards the planet’s cause.


One response to “Everyday Earth Hour

  1. Earth Hour Everyday. Use Earth-Hour Bulbs; save electricity and the Earth.

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