Damaso Revisited

I remain a Celdran fan, even though many think he’s just getting attention.



iGag is my favorite. In two ways.
Graphic Design by Joey Mendoza, via Carlos Celdran.

I was supposed to be doing an Environment x Earth Hour post when I stumbled upon Carlos Celdran’s RH post. I can still remember, when Celdran tweeted about my post and tribute to his Damaso stint and the pop culture that sprung from it. This is a wonderful update, still Celdran-related!

Now that the Congress is starting to makes sense (i.e. the winning YES for the impeachment of Ombudsman Mercedita Gutierrez) there is somehow hope that one day, this country shall see the RH Bill passed. It’s an urgent need. It’s a dire need. This country needs the RH Bill. It’s not saying YES to abortion, but saying YES to the right to be informed of your choices.

Catholic Church. I specify, CATHOLIC CHURCH. It’s because of all Christian sects that I know, it’s only them that opposes this very wonderfully thought bill. PLEASE OPEN YOUR EYES. We are not advocating abortion. It’s not un-Christian. Where in the Bible did Christ say that using a condom is not acceptable. I know, too pilosopo, but if you could just SEE the current state of our people, maybe you would open your eyes and support this too.

Faith WITHOUT action is dead. Open your eyes.


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