When Twestival Manila Made History…

EDIT: You can still donate to Twestival Manila up until March 31. If interested, Click here. All proceeds go to JeepneEd, Twestival Manila’s beneficiary.

The day started with an awkward appearance on TV. ONE. Why did I ever dressed down. TWO. I’m not TV material. Chos! It’s all for Twestival Manila though!!! *facepalms self*

Photo by @chukiedreyfus, with Marga Deona and Ros Juan of Twestival Manila and Shaina Tantuico of JeepneED.

So nice of GMA to give us a copy of the interview! The more I saw that I am so awkward on TV! And I will always remember that I’ve been interviewed by Sir Howie Severino! Another *hyperventilate* moment! HAHA! First time eh.

My day started with this very sumptuous brunch – Pork and Chicken Adobo sandwich with quesong puti, salted egg, and potato string fries from LeBistroVert (menu), our venue sponsor. I’ve been wanting to go the restaurant but due to distance issues, I haven’t. All their foodstuff are organic and very fresh! This sandwich is really filling! The quesong puti subtlely complements the Adobo mix. And who’s not gaga for potatoes? (I think I’m going to do a separate post about potatoes!)

Anyway. Onto the prepping for Twestival Manila!

Look at how fab our ticket is! Printed by Lexicon Press

The prep was a bit hard. We’re kinda lacking in manpower plus the urge to tweet every now and then. Can you blame us, Tweeps?

JeepneED people came over to help! Erika and team, we are so thankful you are there! *there is a lack of BTS pictures… Coming soon though! :]* Here is a rough rundown of all the volunteers:

@takeoutsushi with other volunteers (didn’t recall all names, sarreh!)

PR Manager @diskodiablo

Lead organizer @juanxi

Photographer @Jonver_David

Some of the tweeps present in the biggest tweetup ever! So proud of you guys!

Registration area.

@momblogger @tonyocruz

TV5 Prod

@luigene @pinoygossipboy


@jeepneed people with @glennong

MMDA guy @doblezeta

Gab and Jackie for Twestival Manila!

@takeoutsushi and boyfie @jasondayrit

@juanxi with the Mad Dogs! YEAAAAH \m/

@tjmanotoc @runaholickassy

@marklim, finally got to see you!

@eillienad, first winner in my contest!

Ms. Lorna of LeBistroVert

@nerveending @tiffyabiera

I tried to remember all their names, but my neurons can’t keep up! Please post in the comments section if you see your picture with no Twitter username :)

In Twestival, there were contests… TWEET CONTESTS! People stayed online just so they can win cool prizes!

TJ raffled NBA shirts…

@inquirerdotnet – not a robot! :P

C’mon tweople, give us your best tweet!

Marga confirming winners via Twitter…

Mang Binalot giving GCs!

Winners of IMMAP GCs…

Some of the prizes were: Binalot, Freshman, Galileo Enrichment, and IMMAP GCs, Yahoo PH packages, MiLi packages, eLearning Blade free classes, Divoom Speakers, Globe MyFi units and a 3D/2N stay at Bellarocca worth PhP37,000. I actually coveted the MyFi unit and Bellarocca!

JeepneED, beneficiary of this year’s Twestival in Manila, was introduced to the public. Erika Pineda, co-founder of the NGO gives a brief about the org.


JeepneED Gallery. I’ve been working with them, but it’s just now that I knew that their jeeps run on used vegetable oil. YEPP, you heard it right! USED VEGETABLE OIL!

Performance by Noel’s son Gab Cabangon, and another equally talented artist Jackie Francisco. Indie represent!!!

Ros as mic stand. LOL!

and some more…

MMDA guy just won the BELLAROCCA GC worth Php37,000. Wala munang coding for the coming weeks, haha! (No more [number] coding in the streets for the coming weeks, haha!)

Again I was so red, because the shooters are so addicting! Mobile Bar by Partycetamol!

Vodka x Grenadine

Twestival Manila is now done, but y’all can still donate until March 31st here.

Many thanks to our sponsors *drumroooooll!* which this event would have not been possible without them: (in no particular order)

with their Twitter usernames, or find their Facebook pages

Bellarocca @bellaroccateam
Globe @enjoyglobe
Divoom Speakers @DivoomPH
MiLi @MiLiPhil
Binalot @binalot
Galileo Enrichment
LeBistroVert Sustainable Foods @lebistrovert
San Miguel Corporation
Asian Traveller Magazine
Partycetamol Mobile Bar
Nestle KitKat
Freshman Masculine Wash
Renegade Folk @renegade_folk
Yahoo! PH

All proceeds go to JeepneEd, Twestival Manila’s beneficiary.

Thanks to all those who supported us – friends, family, sponsors, and media. We appreciated all your help, it wouldn’t be (ever!) possible to pull this off without you. To the team, I am so honored to have worked with you. Sa uulitin… Hehe, we have talked about this, and I’m so excited for the next chapters!

This has been Twestival Manila.
We tweeted, we met, and we gave.

13 responses to “When Twestival Manila Made History…

  1. I see lotsa familiar faces. ang dami pala umattend ha. dapat maka-attend nako next time. sana weekend na .hahaha

  2. gusto ko rin ng pic na hawak yung twestival MNL na yn.hahaha

    • Next week kaagad?! HAHA! I think we’ll be holding it again next year! But we’re planning some things. So stay tuned :) Yan kasi you didn’t attend haha! Basta next time aah :)

  3. Nice one! Great to meet you there! :)

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