‘Stigmata Exhibit

Featuring the works of young graphic designers and photographers from DLSU, UST, ADMU, DLS-CSB, APC, and SBC-A with special guests Collision Theory’s Aj Dimarucot, Project Headshot Clinic’s Niccolo Cosme, and Lomography Enthusiast Eric Cusi. Complete list of artists featured here.


Didn’t make it to the talk, was in a different meeting… So sayang!

Had a liter of Coke Zero for the whole day, I think. My body runs in cola, LOL! Hanna, Angela, Escy and I arrived at SMX at around 7pm already. Flooded with people, but the talk is really done na :|

Elisa and David

…and their works – in blur! >:) Peace!

I can’t explain why the shot below is my favorite.

Charrrrr! :P

I am so loving the blur…

You gotta love these people! So kulet! My favorite shot of the tres marias —

Best in behind…

…and in front of the camera – Elisa!

Do the ROBOT – Hanna, Escy!

Do the FIERCE – Escy! Didn’t know that Elisa knows Escy from St. Scholastica Marikina! SMALL WORLD!

Do the AFRO – Ella!

Anyway. Kudos to the future graphic artists that will soon rock the local art scene! Thanks to Elisa for inviting me! Keep up, you guys are awesome!

Organizers of ‘Stigmata from De La Salle University – Manila.

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