Marikina Photowalk

9:00 am – meet up in Santolan Station (LRT Line 2 – the purple line)
9:30 am – Landscape photography. Walk to IVC front Marikina, where the nice infrastructure is located.
10:30 am – Explore the Marikina River Park.
11: 00 am – Walk again to ride a jeepney going to lunch at Pan De Amerikana, Marikina.
11:40 am – Food and restaurant photography at Pan De Amerikana.
1:00 pm – Urban photography. Clock Tower of Marikina.
1:30 to 3:00 pm – Photowalk, street, and panoramic photography on the way to famous landmark of Marikina: Freedom Park, Teatro Marikina, Our Lady of Abandoned Church, Kapitan Moy, Shoe Museum.
3:30 pm – Food and restaurant photography. Café Lidia.
4:30 pm – Group hug. Group photo. Pack up. End of the day.

Started out at LRT Santolan. Rain, mud, and my white shorts are not very compatible. But what the hell. Tuloy lang!


This, I was told, was a project of the former mayor to house the local squatters. Very thoughtful and creative, now that’s what I call public service.


When we started getting hungry, we headed to Pan de Amerikana. Gawd, I swear I love that place! (The food in a separate post, teehee!)

The life-size chess set is very amusing. FIIIIIIGHT!

Ambience was perfect, it was full of history (featured MANY times, try googling it!), and most of all it was a fun place. Next. Anton was already making jokes already that it isn’t a Photowalk but PUROWALK. LOL! It was when the rain stopped. Good thing! I wouldn’t want to miss the city!

My favorite shot of the day. Marikina Clock Tower.

Teatro Marikina.

Our Lady of the Abandoned Church.

Kapitan Moy.

I couldn’t get a good frame, so I used the plants, LOL!

WITTY! Shoe-colate Cafe.

Inasalan nearby. Parikit Inasal.

What is a tiring walk without my favorite bottled drink (aside from vodka, haha) COKE ZERO for the boy at risk for DM!

It wasn’t the best day to do the photowalk, ’cause it rained again! We headed to our last destination — Cafe Lidia (teaser for the next post — FOOD!)

It was a fun photowalk with Ada, Anton, and Marky. It rained though. I feared we would retreat anytime but adventure is waiting for us in Marikina. I finally got to see people behind the Photoblogger Philippines group. They’re very funny, and humble not to mention their very popular blogs. I got the chance of shooting with them and also learning some tips.

Some plans for trips out of the country are currently cooking up within the group. I’m so excited!

Looking forward for more,

The Food.

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  2. Seeing Marikina through the rain made us appreciate the city in adifferentlight. Four bloggers with soiled shoes cameras and big smiles on their face braving the rain to discover the beautiful city of Marikina…

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