Marikina Photowalk: The Food!

The City.

/nomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom hehe!

What is a tiring and exhausting yet enjoying walkathon around the city without FOOD?! We head out to two of Marikina’s food havens.

Filipino classics at Pan de Amerikana.



Pork Kaldereta.


Everlasting Llanera. I cringed at the name, but it’s very delish!!!

Caesar Salad. My first time to try a spicy variation! It didn’t disappoint!

Ada, Me, Anton, Marky.

A little bird told us that Spicy Buffalo Wings are the specialty of a rather hidden cafe in the city. Cafe Lidia, when I told Hanna I ate the Buffalo Wings of my life, apparently is owned by their family friend. I wish they deliver in provincial areas! LOL!

Spicy Buffalo Wings. Of my life!


Chocolate Cake.

Blueberry Cheesecake.

Surprisingly, the buffalo wings goes well with the coffee! Anyhow, this store has a thing for jeeps. It’s just very high, I can’t get a decent shot.


For mooooooore,

2 responses to “Marikina Photowalk: The Food!

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  2. Great! I can testify to the hominess of Pan de Amerikana. I simply love that place! I can’t wait to visit Cafe Lidia!

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