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Summer Open Shoot: Show your Swagger!

Come one, come all! Block May 7 in your calendar and practice your swagger already! Because it’s gonna be one fun photo shoot for all of us!

For inquiries, contact Alecks Mutuc @ 09163750098 or comment below, and we’ll get back to you!

P.S. Another contest awaits you my readers, and it involves one free pass for this shoot. Stay tuned…


Thirsty Tuesday

Patricia had just arrived from Baguio.

And there are just three things that come to my mind when I see Pat — Alcohol x Food x Kwentuhan.

What’s with the lugi face, Beb?! HAHA! No more lugi face with these Mojitos though! UNLIMOJITOS @ TGIF!

Pumo-photo story!

Alcohol allergy.

^Shot by Pat.

Alcohol x Couture face

Cajun Chicken Wraps! I forgot my small plate coupon for the iPad2. AMP!

Bounced light. CHOS!

Pat ate and voila… >:)

Got tired of the cocktail, so we decided to grab some good ol’ street food. Kwek-kwek x Siomai x Balut. THE BEEEEST!

The best siomai I’ve tasted!

Clearly, we’ve eaten too much cholesterol. Then alcohol earlier. Liver alert!

Baka kulamin ko daw si Ate. Oh ayan, mukha tuloy syang kinulam :]

Bad Habit.

Went to Ukay after to look for some stylish blazer for the event at Republiq.

Pat and I go way back from High School. We used to work for the school publication way back then. Our friendship grew out of books, blogs, food, and boys. LOL! Anyway. We’re both graduating this April, and today became pretty emotional (especially from drinking alcohol) going back to the years we’ve been through, with and virtually with each other – whether it be for acads, social life in college, or whirlwind romance. She studied at UP Baguio so it’s been a semester worth of stories for us, and as always, it’s good talking to Pat, who is one of those people who help me to be always grounded to reality. She’s still thinking about getting based in Baguio City now and so it may take time before I get to see her again. Glad to have that talk, Pat. I appreciate the time, the friendship, and the alcohol, of course!

Pat, this is an ode to our friendship/siblinghood. *SHOT*


Let there be light

I remember studying Chiaroscuro in Art Studies, that it is the interplay of light and dark. My friend @toxicdiscoboy Mike Magallanes invited me to come in Fashion Designers Alliance (FaDAl) Manila’s showcase of their new assemblage. At the same time, it is a fundraiser to help light thousands of homes. It’s very much alike to what we aim with Twestival, but in a whole new perspective. I am very glad to support this kind of events that does not only entertain the senses but aims to give back to the community.

Congrats to @inkarlcerating Karl Leuterio and Mike Magallanes for making it to FaDAl’s assemblage of creative artists revolutionizing the Philippine fashion scene! Check their brand Paradigm Shift!

P.S. Karl+Mike, if you’re reading this, I might buy some clothes from you guys! I need to update my wardrobe! Teehee!
P.S.S. Thanks again to Mike for inviting me! My vacation is really packed, and I lalalalalove it!

Omen to a New Beginning

I just came home from a hospital duty. It will be my last as a student, and it’s making up for one absence last January. I have planned my Monday though. Sleep the whole morning (been planning to do so for a long time, since Twestival), finish blog backlogs, then go to the Loop‘s taste test with Ros, Charlene, and Tiffy. So basically, day is ruined because none of those plans materialized. PLUS I’LL BE IN DUTY which sucks because it’s vacation already!

*I’m currently drooling because of Ros‘ pictures. WHY OF ALL DAYS?!*

Anyway. My duty is in Calalang General Hospital. It’s where I was born via CS. For the last duty of my entire college life, it’s quite surreal to have it in the place where my Mom actually gave birth to a pretty little monster like me. Others may call it coincidence. I call it an omen to a new beginning.


I don’t like nursing. I can tell that I hate it to the core. I only took it because I wanna please my folks. I took it because I am positive, when all things were positive for me, that one day I’ll get what I want. I just have to give it a shot for them. For them. I even did an article for Bounce Magazine some of the chronicles of my days in the nursing field. That was Sophomore. Days went by, frustration after frustration (profession and university-related) I start to hate the fact that I never thought I’d run out of love for everything that I’m doing.

I started rebelling. Going home late, not studying my lessons, not preparing for duties. I want to shut out everything nursing-related, just to calm a silent rage in my insides. I thought – why did I even do this to myself. I kept on convincing myself that I do this for (specifying now) my grandmother, who just wanted the bestest for his grandson. She wanted me to settle in NY with her. She just wanted better life for me. I used to be blinded by the bright lights of the city that never sleeps, but I just came to realize it isn’t worth it when you just lost four (six for me) years of precious college days.

I didn’t join any org. I know very limited people in my institute, all the less my university. I’d hop from UP to CSB to anywhere I won’t find nursing just to escape the fact that I am a student nurse. I don’t comply to rules. I’d sleep in very uninteresting classes. I rebelled because I can’t get what I want. I rebelled because I believe this is not what is right for me. People should follow their hearts. Happiness is the ultimate end of all things in this life. Then again, I am not happy any longer. I used to, but I guess trying to pretend really didn’t mend the wound. It just turned a scratch to a gaping wound.


To this day, I itch to get out of nursing. I’m caught in between leaving the profession before or after I take the board exam. I am already in the crossroads of my life, where I decide where I go next. It’s a whole new adventure. New beginnings are yet to come. I am half excited and half scared. People just don’t drop out of a profession after graduating from it. But people do the craziest things for happiness. I want to remind myself that I did this out of love. Out of selfless love. Then again, shouldn’t I start loving myself just for now?

As I end this post (rant-ish, yes maybe) I am filled with dilemma. I am trying to encompass what I have realized for the past four years now. The what-if’s, the could-have-been’s, the why-did-I-ever’s. Too late for sourgraping though.

I just want a new beginning. I can feel its ominous arrival.

I’ll leave you with Sing by My Chemical Romance. After Glee sang this in S02E13, I instantly googled the original song. It inspires me really.

Everytime that you lose it sing it for the world.


No post about earthquakes?

Almost all blogs, if not all, have a post or two about earthquake x disaster management. I don’t though. I didn’t find in myself blogging about it. I don’t have an issue about it though. I enjoyed some of the posts I read. While some are entertaining, some are just photox, and just plain boring and repetitive. I believe if you want your message to get across people, you squeeze those creative juices. Again, I have no issues with it. Being prepared is good. Being paranoid is another thing.


I already did a post about Japan. While I don’t usually blog about massively blogged stuff, I can’t hide the concern I have for Japan. I have loved Japan for all of my life. That’s why this following photos moved me, as a person, and as a Japanese at heart.

If there is next to this life, I want to be Japanese, too.

Photos from JessicaRulesTheUniverse

Everyday Earth Hour

We cannot forego electricity. Everything now runs with a plug. Your smartphone. The laptop. You charge the camera. Chill food in the fridge. Cook in electric stoves. It’s summer, you use the aircon double the frequency. Electric fans gone wild just to cool you down. You heat food through the microwave. You use the light.

And that’s just your home. Look around you. Everything’s really plugged. And we just can’t help it.

Undoubtedly, electricity is a magnificent technology humans had discovered. It made work easy. It made recreation convenient. It made life fun. But whether we like it or not, it kills the environment. And Earth is dying. By. The. Minute.

Today, we celebrate Earth Hour by turning the lights off for 60 minutes. Earth Hour is an effort to increase awareness of caring for our environment. It started in Australia when 2,200 individuals and more than 2,000 business turned their lights off to contribute against climate change.

Last year was the biggest Earth Hour event, participants spanning from 128 countries turned off their lights to show a stand against and raise awareness of the truth of climate change. THIS YEAR, Earth Hour goes beyond the hour.

I remember, in a conversation with a friend, we mused about Earth Hour being an everyday activity. What if we turn our lights off for at least one hour everyday, and not just once a year? We (my friend and I) used to mock the event because we think it’s only being used as an opportunity to commercialize environmentalism. Now, this move to go beyond the hour personally impressed me. Maybe it isn’t just a marketing strategy. Well, I hope it really isn’t because caring for the environment isn’t just business.

Earth Hour encourages us all to go beyond turning off the light for at least one hour. Let us do our part, however little they may be, to save the environment. It is us who live in it, and it shall be us who should move to save it. Let us go beyond the hour. Caring for the environment takes more than sixty minutes.

What can you do to save your environment? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Disclosure: I am not, in any way, affiliated with Earth Hour. I just believe in the cause to save the environment and I will support anything that gears towards the planet’s cause.

Damaso Revisited

I remain a Celdran fan, even though many think he’s just getting attention.



iGag is my favorite. In two ways.
Graphic Design by Joey Mendoza, via Carlos Celdran.

I was supposed to be doing an Environment x Earth Hour post when I stumbled upon Carlos Celdran’s RH post. I can still remember, when Celdran tweeted about my post and tribute to his Damaso stint and the pop culture that sprung from it. This is a wonderful update, still Celdran-related!

Now that the Congress is starting to makes sense (i.e. the winning YES for the impeachment of Ombudsman Mercedita Gutierrez) there is somehow hope that one day, this country shall see the RH Bill passed. It’s an urgent need. It’s a dire need. This country needs the RH Bill. It’s not saying YES to abortion, but saying YES to the right to be informed of your choices.

Catholic Church. I specify, CATHOLIC CHURCH. It’s because of all Christian sects that I know, it’s only them that opposes this very wonderfully thought bill. PLEASE OPEN YOUR EYES. We are not advocating abortion. It’s not un-Christian. Where in the Bible did Christ say that using a condom is not acceptable. I know, too pilosopo, but if you could just SEE the current state of our people, maybe you would open your eyes and support this too.

Faith WITHOUT action is dead. Open your eyes.

When Twestival Manila Made History…

EDIT: You can still donate to Twestival Manila up until March 31. If interested, Click here. All proceeds go to JeepneEd, Twestival Manila’s beneficiary.

The day started with an awkward appearance on TV. ONE. Why did I ever dressed down. TWO. I’m not TV material. Chos! It’s all for Twestival Manila though!!! *facepalms self*

Photo by @chukiedreyfus, with Marga Deona and Ros Juan of Twestival Manila and Shaina Tantuico of JeepneED.

So nice of GMA to give us a copy of the interview! The more I saw that I am so awkward on TV! And I will always remember that I’ve been interviewed by Sir Howie Severino! Another *hyperventilate* moment! HAHA! First time eh.

My day started with this very sumptuous brunch – Pork and Chicken Adobo sandwich with quesong puti, salted egg, and potato string fries from LeBistroVert (menu), our venue sponsor. I’ve been wanting to go the restaurant but due to distance issues, I haven’t. All their foodstuff are organic and very fresh! This sandwich is really filling! The quesong puti subtlely complements the Adobo mix. And who’s not gaga for potatoes? (I think I’m going to do a separate post about potatoes!)

Anyway. Onto the prepping for Twestival Manila!

Look at how fab our ticket is! Printed by Lexicon Press

The prep was a bit hard. We’re kinda lacking in manpower plus the urge to tweet every now and then. Can you blame us, Tweeps?

JeepneED people came over to help! Erika and team, we are so thankful you are there! *there is a lack of BTS pictures… Coming soon though! :]* Here is a rough rundown of all the volunteers:

@takeoutsushi with other volunteers (didn’t recall all names, sarreh!)

PR Manager @diskodiablo

Lead organizer @juanxi

Photographer @Jonver_David

Some of the tweeps present in the biggest tweetup ever! So proud of you guys!

Registration area.

@momblogger @tonyocruz

TV5 Prod

@luigene @pinoygossipboy


@jeepneed people with @glennong

MMDA guy @doblezeta

Gab and Jackie for Twestival Manila!

@takeoutsushi and boyfie @jasondayrit

@juanxi with the Mad Dogs! YEAAAAH \m/

@tjmanotoc @runaholickassy

@marklim, finally got to see you!

@eillienad, first winner in my contest!

Ms. Lorna of LeBistroVert

@nerveending @tiffyabiera

I tried to remember all their names, but my neurons can’t keep up! Please post in the comments section if you see your picture with no Twitter username :)

In Twestival, there were contests… TWEET CONTESTS! People stayed online just so they can win cool prizes!

TJ raffled NBA shirts…

@inquirerdotnet – not a robot! :P

C’mon tweople, give us your best tweet!

Marga confirming winners via Twitter…

Mang Binalot giving GCs!

Winners of IMMAP GCs…

Some of the prizes were: Binalot, Freshman, Galileo Enrichment, and IMMAP GCs, Yahoo PH packages, MiLi packages, eLearning Blade free classes, Divoom Speakers, Globe MyFi units and a 3D/2N stay at Bellarocca worth PhP37,000. I actually coveted the MyFi unit and Bellarocca!

JeepneED, beneficiary of this year’s Twestival in Manila, was introduced to the public. Erika Pineda, co-founder of the NGO gives a brief about the org.


JeepneED Gallery. I’ve been working with them, but it’s just now that I knew that their jeeps run on used vegetable oil. YEPP, you heard it right! USED VEGETABLE OIL!

Performance by Noel’s son Gab Cabangon, and another equally talented artist Jackie Francisco. Indie represent!!!

Ros as mic stand. LOL!

and some more…

MMDA guy just won the BELLAROCCA GC worth Php37,000. Wala munang coding for the coming weeks, haha! (No more [number] coding in the streets for the coming weeks, haha!)

Again I was so red, because the shooters are so addicting! Mobile Bar by Partycetamol!

Vodka x Grenadine

Twestival Manila is now done, but y’all can still donate until March 31st here.

Many thanks to our sponsors *drumroooooll!* which this event would have not been possible without them: (in no particular order)

with their Twitter usernames, or find their Facebook pages

Bellarocca @bellaroccateam
Globe @enjoyglobe
Divoom Speakers @DivoomPH
MiLi @MiLiPhil
Binalot @binalot
Galileo Enrichment
LeBistroVert Sustainable Foods @lebistrovert
San Miguel Corporation
Asian Traveller Magazine
Partycetamol Mobile Bar
Nestle KitKat
Freshman Masculine Wash
Renegade Folk @renegade_folk
Yahoo! PH

All proceeds go to JeepneEd, Twestival Manila’s beneficiary.

Thanks to all those who supported us – friends, family, sponsors, and media. We appreciated all your help, it wouldn’t be (ever!) possible to pull this off without you. To the team, I am so honored to have worked with you. Sa uulitin… Hehe, we have talked about this, and I’m so excited for the next chapters!

This has been Twestival Manila.
We tweeted, we met, and we gave.

Twestival Manila @ GMA News On The Go

Photo by @chuckiedreyfus

Awesomesauce!!!!! Twestival Manila gone mainstream! First four-way Skype interview with Howie Severino on TV! Well, at least here in te Philippines! Thanks GMA News On The Go for featuring us!

So I guess that’s it, we’ll see you later! 8pm @ LeBistroVert (Fraser Place, Valero st., Makati City – map) Ticket costs PhP250 inclusive of drinks, loot bag, and raffle ticket! Performances by The Ateneo Musicians’ Pool, Gab Cabangon, and Jackie Francisco, hosted by TJ Manotoc. Fun games and raffle prizes (GRAND PRIZE of 3D/2N stay @ Bellarocca) await you!

It’s a fun night of meeting friends and new people, and being in the spirit of giving! Because we are Filipinos, we care! See you later! I’m so excited!

* All proceeds of the event goes to JeepneED, the first beneficiary of Twestival Manila.


Twestival Manila Contest Winners Announced!

After four days of waiting, it finally arrived! TWESTIVAL MANILA is happening later 8pm @ LeBistroVert (Fraser Place, Valero st., Makati City.) You all know I ran a contest for the event.

After a draw via, winners of a TICKET each to Twestival Manila have been identified! Congratulations to @imafakeweeweeand @apz18(who’s my friend Apol pala! Hey, that’s random aah!) Please look at your Twitter direct messages for further instructions. Please confirm BEFORE 1pm. I have drawn two separate pairs to give the ticket to just in case these two don’t confirm. HAHA!

Thanks to those who supported the contest! Moreover, thank you to those who will support TWESTIVAL MANILA! We are making two histories later — One, the biggest tweetup in Manila (so far,) and two, the power of social media in effecting change in our society.

Please come, and partake of this momentous event!
Twestival Manila. Tweet. Meet. Give.

See you later,

Here’s a map to LeBistroVert, in case you’re confused how to get there :) Again, hope to see you there!


Disclosure: I had a little problem with identifying the participants with this contest (it’s my first time to run a contest via Twitter.) I have overlooked that when you search a private account, you can’t see it. Didn’t know it was the same for hashtags (now I know what to do the next time :P) What I did, though, is that I looked at my followers (whom I was following also, to see their tweets) who are in private and tracked back the contest tweet. Phew.