Concert Season!

After the Never Shout Never, The Maine, and We the Kings stint here in the Philippines last week, I instantly realized that it is one of the best concert seasons the Philippines has ever seen! I will definitely be gone broke if I go to each and every good band going here in the Philippines! So I guess I’ll be going to just one. Or all of them if manna comes from heaven… (I need a job!!!)

Aerosmith – March 19, 2011 | MOA Concert Grounds

Although this just started out as a rumor, I really hope they go here! AEROSMITH ROCKS!

EDIT: This is already confirmed. Aerosmith is not going here in Manila :(

The Script – April 16, 2011 | Araneta Coliseum

AND I CHOOSE THE SCRIPT! Psyched too much!!!

Switchfoot – April 30, 2011 | Philippine Sports Arena

Maroon 5 – May 23, 2011 | SMX Convention Center

FOR MORE!!!! Switchfoot and Maroon 5 have done shows here in Manila before and I gathered no information if Aerosmith had gone here already. But definitely The Script is having their first show here on April 16!

I’m the man who can’t be MOVED!

Thanks Manila Concert Scene for the updates!


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