Panty Monsters: Querida Night

Taylor Swift‘s concert have caused traffic of epic proportions.

But thanks to that, I’d have crashed Panty Monsters. I didn’t even know it was it until Mike told me.

Here’s Kay (I hope I remembered it right,) and she’s kinda related to somebody… (I’m not good with names, sarreeeeh.)

Fashion Field Trip! I read their blogs! AJ, Karl, Paul, Mike. Sorry I didn’t know the one on the far left.

Sven Barretto. I was surprised to see him here. But from the looks of it, he looks more surprised to see me! LOL!

I think the name of the guy with bandana is Borgy. Mike kinda introduced him to me… He’s nice.

I like the Jedi-ish outfit of the guy in the right. I don’t know what to call it, so I’ll call it Jedi-ish, peace!

This photo started all the conversations. Then there’s meeting a lot of people /gasp! Thanks, Mike! I didn’t remember them all though :( Tell me if you know who are in the pictures and help me remember them :) BTW, the party is THIS great!

Coolest DJs ever! Keep that 90’s vibe!

Cute DJ, teehee!

Jujiin Samonte and birthday boy Paulo Castro

That was a fun Cubao X weekend! Definitely for more!!! So kulet!

Thank you TODAY!

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