Diana Mini x Heima

It was indeed a busy Saturday for me. I needed to go to my completion duty (my fellow nurses can understand me here.) Then a number of my classmates invited me to watch the Pyromusical competition in MOA. Anyway. It was also the launch of the Diana Mini in Heima that day. It was a dilemma for me since I kinda said yes to my classmates. Although it wasn’t an easy decision, I’m glad I went to the launch.

Since I went alone (again) I’m somehow shy to enter the store. But I did summon the courage to. This bubbly girl approached me as I entered Heima.

That, my friends, is Elisa Aquino a.k.a. Tumblr’s Thunderpopcola and Stache‘s Art Editor. I was so psyched to see her in person! I wasn’t that used to seeing personally the people behind the blogs I read. She approached me first (being the very shy me) and asked me to sign the guestbook (she’s interning for Heima).

She also asked me if I do Tumblr and I think you know what happened next. She is just so perky just like her blog and I believe you can never run out of things to talk about with Tumblr.

This blog post is getting too long but I have one more story to tell. Actually two. I meet Reisha, who had her Heima stamp in the neck and is Elisa’s co-intern at Heima. She accommodated me while waiting for the launch to start. She’s from UP and oh she tumbles too!

Many people went to the launch, and I found this guy looking at me.

I was also looking at him. He wields a wicked Canon 7D. He’s a filmmaker, and the reason he’s looking at me was he wanted to ask if my camera is the latest model of Nikon. I really wanted to say – I’m so jealous of your 7D. But he’s nice and he even gave me his blog. Nice guy, name’s Dale.

Marshmallow kebabs, Flat tops, Cloud nines, and cupcakes. WHO WOULD RESIST?! >:)

Diana Lomo Cameras.

Actually all the people there are so nice. I just needed to leave early though for dinner with Jen at Moonleaf.

I love Moonleaf! I wished they’d have a variant with just Yakult and tea!

This night ain’t over yet though (next post!) One of the best weekends ever!

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