Never Shout Never, The Maine, We the Kings in Trinoma


It’s the concert year for the Philippines!!! Too many good bands going here. Too little money in my pocket! Good for us, we got to catch these three bands in Trinoma! I just wish I had those humongous lens Louis has. It was good though. Having this much needed long weekend to chill, relax, and meet friends. And watch concerts (next post!)

Never Shout Never. We’re still finding a good place to shoot from! It wasn’t easy…

The Maine. Finally got a fairly good spot.

The incident of the flying bra. This really made me laugh when somebody actually threw her undies! Now, was she wearing it before throwing it? Or did she have spare? Rock concert tales… HAHA!

We the Kings. Everybody’s favorite. Trinoma just went from a mall into one big mosh pit —

Concert photos by my good friend Louis the Lobster, thanks yow! Video by Jonver. I nearly forgot though! These were shot from the cinema level of Trinoma mall! HAHA! Tyaga namen!

These were the awesome people I was with last night. Hanna, Paola, Louis, and I decided to meet up. Louis brought his brother Lance. We bumped into Ella and Ariane with their friend Loui.

Mukhang batang nawawala si Ella. Isa pa!

Do the W! It was a very fun night. Next: The Script in Manila.

Oh good Lord, I need a job!


3 responses to “Never Shout Never, The Maine, We the Kings in Trinoma

  1. the best thing about it is that it’s all for free!

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