In a matter of weeks, classes will be over so as my time in my alma mater is almost done. Funny as I type the words alma mater I slowly take in FEU. I am one too bold to say, that I didn’t plan, at all, going to FEU (ever) and that there are a lot of things that I didn’t quite like at all.

You can find me and let me personally ramble on this all in front of you. It’s a given talent, you know.

Anyway. Per as my tweet earlier yesterday, after shooting around the campus, I really have to succumb to the fact that my campus is beautiful. And green. BUT per as my tweet also, I shall say, let’s stop at that. /lol /jk

With all this beauty inside our university, I guess what’s left to tweak is a little better system. I hope to see my alma mater see again its glorious days – outward and inward glory.

Have you ever noticed (especially if you’re a student here, of course) these metal statues in our campus by famed artist Vicente Manansala?

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