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For the love of

I’ve spent more than half of my senior year in high school in the official publication. I was the head photojournalist then (who btw never made it in the divisions, so I played part-layout artist, part-photojournalist, part-everyone’s assistant.) It will forever be the most cherished memory of my high school life though: camera in hand, living my bored life through the viewfinder.

A year in nursing made me kinda quit photography. If you let me divulge all information, feelings, and underlying violent reactions behind that subject, you’ll need a day worth of depression and suicidal ideations, because that story is a gaping black hole, that is, according to my friends. Anyway. To cut the long story short, I don’t need to continue to quit what I love doing the most because I got this for graduation:

YES! It is in my wishlist for Christmas. It got a little delayed, but hey all the same! Thanks to my Lola dearest, who by the way is my Valentine yesterday, and who gave this wonderful gift! I haven’t named it yet, but definitely took it for a spin already! Here are some of my test shots:

Angjhello, my cute inaanak

Focus – Defocus

Grand Royale





So far, I don’t know. You tell me. How was these shots?! Honestly, I’m pretty lacking in self-confidence in what I’m doing right here. I really need more practice, kinakalawang na kasi ako, haha. But if I will have one keeper for these set of photos, it will be this one:

Again, my inaanak Angjhello. This is my best shot using this camera so far. This is just an accidental shot, and I’m quite surprised how well composed the photo went. I hope to get more portraits like this!

So. There goes my first set of test shots. Feels so good, having been able to shoot after a very long time. I’d really need help though. If you could comment on these pictures, I would really appreciate any suggestions from you, guys! Thanks in advance y’all!

I think, I’ll be calling it a night.

Ciao for now,